This page is to be the gateway to knowing what material is available in the museum.

LeMay Lane Photos
Currently, over 2500 of the early photos of Powell River taken by Rod LeMay and Maud Lane are accessible on-line.

School Annuals
School annuals for Brooks, Max Cameron and Oceanview are accessible at the Museum. See what is available on-line by clicking here.

Phone Books
Scanned North-West Telephone Company Phone Books from 1938 to 1959 ( white pages only )

Museum Indexes
Indexes - search the indexes that the archives have. The indexes give an indication of what material is available in the archives and/or in books on the area. While the actual material is not available on line, you will be able to see it by going to the archives.

Museum Fonds
Search the fonds that the archives have.
A fonds is the body of records created, accumulated and used by an individual, family or corporate body ( a business, association or organization.) “ Basic Archives”            Association for Newfoundland and Labrador Archives

Last updated: 2011-Oct-26