Books written about this area and available through the museum:
  • People of the White City - Emma Levez
  • Off the Beaten Path: Discovering Powell River and the Upper Sunshine Coast - Emma Levez Larocque
  • Powell River 100 - Barbara Ann Lambert
  • The Nelson Island Story – Karen Southern
  • Once Upon a Stump - Bill Thompson
  • Old Time Stories - Barbara Ann Lambert
  • Powell River's Railway Era - Ken Bradley, Karen Southern
  • Rusty Nails and Ration Books - Barbara Ann Lambert
  • The Hulks; The Breakwater Ships of Powell River - John A Campbell

All these books are available in our
on-line bookstore.

Other books about this area:
  • Sliammon Life, Sliammon Land – Dorothy Kennedy and Randy Bouchard
  • Sunny Sandy Savary – Ian Kennedy

Local History Books that are out of print but are in the City Library and may be read but not borrowed, at the Museum:
  • In Paradise: West Coast Short Stories 1890 - 1960 – Barbara Lambert
  • Powell River’s First 50 Years – Powell River News
  • Pulp, Paper and People – Karen Southern and Peggy Bird
  • Mysterious Powell Lake – Carla Mobley
  • Historic Railways of the Powell River Area - Ken Bradley
  • Sunny Sandy Savary Ian Kennedy
  • Texada – Texada Centennial Committee
  • Texada Island - Bill Thompson
  • Chalkdust and Outhouses Barbara Lambert

last updated: 2010-Dec-11