Powell River Good Citizen
The Powell River Good Citizen Committee was formed in 1944 by the Powell River News and the Knights of Pythias. It continued to be sponsored by the Powell River News in conjunction with the International Order of the Oddfellows.
In 1973 the Committee was sponsored by the Westview Rotary Club and the Powell River News with assistance by the Municipality of Powell River and MacMillian Bloedel Ltd.
This changed in 1992 with the Good Citizen committee being sponsored by the Powell River News and the Powell River Chamber of Commerce. The Good Citizen award became dormant in 1997.
John McIntrye1944
Mrs. Ann Burgess; B.C. Watson ( Honorary ) ; T.G. L. Peck1945
Mrs. S. Purvin Good1946
Herbert West1947
Mrs. A.G. Gardner1948
Mrs. Stuart Smith1949
Mrs. Doreen Watson1950
Mrs. James Innes1951
Olive Devaud and Richard Bull1952
Rollie Oxbury1953
Rev and Mrs. Graham1954
Robert Muir 1955
Mrs. Alice MacMillian1956
Mrs. Mary Baxter 1957
Robert Lyon1958
Mrs. Lil Hatt 1959
Mrs. Bessie Banham1960
D. Kenneth Macken1961
Mrs. Isabel Dawson1962
W.V. Pat Thomson1963
Floyd North 1964
Mrs. Ivy Mowbray 1965
Thomas Peddie1966
James Devlin1967
Norman Hill 1968
James Shelton1969
Nancy & Charles Stowell1970
Thomas Green1971
Miss. Alice Cluff1972
Ven. R.S. Faulks 1973
Mr & Mrs. George Goddard1974
John Trombley1975
Diane Loukes1976
G. Hibbert Long1977
Nick Hussar 1978
Tom Layton 1979
Hank Dykkema1980
Art Van der Est1981
Flo and Jack Pelly1982
Anne Savage1983
Rene and Archie McPhee1984
Geo Mowbray1985
Elio Cossarin1986
Mary and Vic Thorpe1987
Margaret Ferguson1988
Elayne Roberts1989
Shirley Irwin1990
Dick Hibberd1991
Bernie Cossarin1992
Arnold Carlson1993
Diane McKendrick1994
Event was cancelled1995
Norm Hutton1996
Carol Hamilton1997
1997 was the last Good Citizen