Oct 19, 2010
Lee Coulter
Volunteer Researcher
Powell River Historical Museum

These webpages report on what was published (for sources see Introduction below) about the Powell River men and women who served Canada in the armed services during World War II.

The first sections are more general in nature, while the service women and service men sections deal with specific people.

If you have any comments, changes or additions, please contact the Powell River museum (see the
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GeneralService WomenService Men
IntroductionAquilin, Evelyn to Bryan, BertineAbbott, John (Scotty) to Aune, Art
Large Group left PR 26-Jun-1940Clapp, Hazelle to Dunlop, J (Jean)Bagley, J.M. (Jim) to Blondin, S.C.G. (Stewart)
Reunion 26-Jul-1942Evans, Marjorie to Fraser, MD (Peggy) Boida, Fred to Bye, A.O.
Reunion 22-May-1943Grundle, Mildred to Hunter, BrisbaneCadwallader, J.L. (Jack) to Christie, R.J. (Bob)
Reunion 23-Jan-1944Irwin, “Teddy” to Morrison, EileenClark, N.E. (Neil) to Curly, ???
D-Day Normandy LandingOster,”Sis” to Rolandi, VioletDallos, Grant to Dore, E.J.C. (Earl)
Powell River Companys Post War Rehabilitation PlanScott, Beverly to Sutton, BeaDraginouch, Sammy to Dykes, Raymond
Taylor, Edith to Williams, Mrs JHEckman, Gus to Extrand, Nels
Fairgrieve, W.C. (Bud) to Furnival, W.E. (Evans)
Gaganoff, W. (Wes) to Given, Danny
Golding, Gordon to Gustafson, K.M. (Kurt)
Haddock, George to Heyes, W.A. (Billy)
Hicks, Ralph to Hutton, J.C.
Ingram, Doug to Jones, Wyvelle
Keaist, R(Dicky) to Kyles, J.A. (Jock)
Lambert, T.R. (Tom) to Lyons, Ormond
McBurnie, FM (Frank) to McWhinney, John
Macken, D.K. (Kenny) to Messmer, E.F. (Gene)
Miller, Joe to Murray, Charles
Naylor, MA(Martin) to Ozavitsky, Joe
Palmer, WB(Bill) to Quinn, EE(Eddie)
Raimondo, RG(Spud) to Riley, Harry
Robbins, V.L. to Russell, Ron(ald)
Savage, WA to Sutton, HMB(Howie)
Tapp, Malcolm to Tweed, JH(John)
Vandervoort, Harold to Zilnic, Steve