Service Men - McBurnie - McWhinney

356 - McBurnie, F.M. (Frank) – LAC RCAF
- Apr/44, p.4 – Boundary Bay, BC (R-162530) “Many thanks for the News Letters which reach me regularly and for the cigs which finally caught up to me. How about making a bargain with you. If you are still sending out cigarettes, how about sending my share to someone overseas. I haven’t given up hope yet of going over, but think that in the meantime the boys in Italy would appreciate an extra ration. Russ Hayes, Art Farnden and others have been seen in this vicinity.”
357 - McCartney, John (Jack) – Sergeant RCAF
- Mar/44, p.2 – “Sgt. Jack McCartney has been moved to Patricia Bay
358 - McCartney, W. (Bill) – Private RCAF
- Nov/44, p.2 – “And Bill McGartney can be dug up under the guise of Gnr. McGartney, Wm., K-485 #1 CARU CAO.”
359 - McCracken, John – Private Canadian Army Overseas
- Oct/44, p.3 - “Some recent arrivals overseas include…Pte. John McCracken (K-187) #1 COMERU CAO
- Nov/44, p.2 – “And then there’s John McCracken of wire sewing fame: CFN McCracken, J. (K-187) #1 COMERU CAO.”
- Jan/45, p.4 – (in a letter from Eddie Quinn) “John McCracken is in this camp.
360 - MacDonald, B.W. (Barney) – Private Canadian Army Overseas
- Sep/44, p.5 - (in a letter from E.J.C. Dore) “Had quite a surprise last week when Barney MacDonald dropped in here…Barney is over in France now.”
- Nov/44, p.2 – “Guess you heard about Barney McDonald [sic] being captured and held by Jerry for about 8 hours, and finally being rescued by a British advance.”
-Vol.21/1945/No.1-Jan. p.11 – “And Italy, Steve Gorbatuk writes: “Barney MacDonald is with me here-but there are a lot of Powell River boys in the outfit, and we get together for the odd chin-wag as often as possible.”
- Jun/45, p.5 – “(K-41649) Support Coy 1 Can Scot Regt (AF) 1
st CAO “…Quite a few Powell River boys with me here. Jack Leighton, Dick Belyk, Steve Gorbatuk, Hugh Daly, and some others including Phil Jacob…Don’t know when we will be coming home but we all hope soon. Could you print Al McPherson’s address in your next letter. (Here you are Barney—Cpl. Al McPherson (K-57553) B Coy Loyal Edmonton Regt CAO. Think Al may be on his way back by the time this reaches you.)”
361 –M(a)cDonald, Frank – AC2 RCAF
- Vol.19/1943/No.11-Nov. p.11 – (photo caption) “AC2 Frank MacDonald, of Powell River, is congratulated by the Camp OC on his track achievements. Frank ran off with the sprints in a recent eastern sports meet.”
- Vol.20/1944/No.3-Mar. p.13 – (in a list of those who have married) “Have you forgotten…Frank McDonald…?
362 - McDonald, J.C. (Campbell) – Private CATS
- Apr/45, p.2 - “Quite a few of the younger chaps like…Campbell McDonald…expect to go overseas shortly. Talk about armies of occupation and what not.”
- May/45, p.2 - “Quite a number of fellows who have returned in recent months are now back on Civvie Street. These include…Campbell McDonald…”
363 - MacDonald, Kenny – Sergeant Canadian Army Overseas
- Vol.16/1940/No.10-Oct. p.6 – “…there is the story of Geno Bortolussi and Ken MacDonald, training with the machine gunners at Dundurn, Saskatchewan. The boys saw a blue apparelled figure approaching, buttons shined, and cap at a rakish angle. “Hist, Kenny,” warned Geno, “here comes an Air Force officer. Get ready to salute.” So when the boys reached the “officer” they threw out a snappy salute and passed on well satisfied. Their only disappointment was the failure of the “officer” to return the courtesy. A few minutes later a sergeant of the battalion approached. “What the ruddy blasted blank are you two fellows trying to pull off? That was a bus driver you just saluted.”
- Vol.16/1940/No.10-Oct. p.7 – “Ken MacDonald, ex-machine tender, is now a number one machine gunner-and finds the delicate mechanism of the Vickers almost as fascinating as Number 7 on a Monday start up. His Number 2 gunner is Geno Bortolussi of the shipping office.”
- Vol.17/1941/No.11-Nov. p.7 – “Ken McDonald [sic], of the (Westminster Regiment), has two stripes flying.”
- Vol.18/1942/No.9-Sep. p.8 – “The Fifth (Armoured) Division finds Powell River equally well represented. In the smart New Westminster Regiment are a group of well known athletes and citizens. They include Corp. Ken McDonald, machine room, well known in community and athletic circles…”
- Feb/43, p.3 – “…so is Kenny MacDonald (a Sergeant)…”
- Jan/44, p.2 - “…in the Central Mediterranean is…Sgt. Ken MacDonald...”
- Jan/44, p.4 – (K47487) Support Coy Westminster Regt (M) CMF “Somehow the last bunch of cigarettes arrive in Italy after chasing me half way round the hemisphere. Had been on English cigarettes and the issue “V”. The latter are pretty terrible. It has been a treat to eat all the oranges and nuts one can hold. Things are going quite well, but we are in a sordid part of the country.”
- Vol.20/1944/No.2-Feb. p.12 – “In the Westminster Regiment (M) now in Italy (is) Sgt. Ken McDonald (sic)…”
- Nov/44, p.3 – “Sgt. Ken McDonald [sic] is convalescing at Salerno, and sends his best to all the crowd in England, France and eastern points. Expects to be back in the line soon.”
- Dec/44, p.4 – The cigarettes, some 900 of them, finally reached me at Convalescent Camp…I’ve noticed your interest in propaganda sheets; sorry I haven’t a sample of the batch the Yanks showered on us. None of us is keen about another winter here. Not bad here at the Salerno Rest Camp, but come Friday I begin the long trek back where mud, snow and rain keep us company…Meanwhile my best to all the old (gang?), Larry Guthro, Murray Mouat, Al Hansen, etc.”
- Jul/46, p10 - “From the beaches of Pachino to the Po valley, with interim stops at the Hitler and Gothic lines, at Cassino, at the Morro and a score of other natural obstacles, Powell River was always there…with the Westminsters (was) Sgt. Ken MacDonald.”
364 - MacGregor, J. (Jimmie) – Pilot Officer RCAF Overseas
- Vol.18/1942/No.9-Sep. p.15 – “For eighteen months, cadet training has been compulsory in BC High Schools. In Powell River, the Air Force and Army cadets have been training steadily for the past year…Already the local cadets have begun to send their graduates to the armed forces. From the Army group, Jimmie MacGregor, son of Lieut.-Colonel John MacGregor, VC, MC, DCM, has joined the Air Force as an observer.”
- May/43, p.5 - “We thank the scores of boys who have written us and are only sorry we can’t include all your letters. We hope to get around to most of them some time. Meantime we would like to acknowledge letters from…Jimmie MacGregor…”
- Jan/44, p.4 - (in a letter from Bill Gallagher) “…Have met Jimmie MacGregor…”
- May/44, p.3 – “Glad to say that Sgt. Jimmie MacGregor is convalescing well and keeping the nurses up to scratch in an English hospital.”
- May/44, p.4 – (R-166711) “…Well here I am in hospital for the fifth week. Not a bad place and I write a lot of poetry to amuse the nurses. Hope to be out soon, and meanwhile getting along swell – eating good – and looking forward to another leave when I come out.”
- Nov/44, p.1 – “…and Jimmie MacGregor, after serving time as a WO now holds a Pilot Officer rank. Jimmie spent a few months in hospital, and much of his time was devoted to writing poetry to the nurses.”
- Mar/45, p.1 – “Pilot Officer Jimmie MacGregor (is) back in Canada.”
- Mar/45, p.5 – “Just received word that PO Jimmie MacGregor, who has just arrived home, has picked up a DFC on his travels over the continent. That’s one decoration his Dad hasn’t grabbed up and Jimmie’s award will just nicely round off the family’s war decorations.”
- Apr/45, p.1 – “Pilot Officer Jimmie MacGregor, DFC and all, dropped in to say hello. Looks swell, feels “sweller”. And why shouldn’t he? He even out and got married on Tuesday, May 8. Brought his girl friend back from Winnipeg with him. Taking a honeymoon down on Vancouver Island—and to drop in to see “Pop” in the person of Lieut. Col. John MacGregor.”
- Vol.21/1945/No.4/5-Apr./May p.7– “Just as we go to press word comes through that Pilot Officer Jimmie MacGregor has been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for action overseas. The Powell River flyer who arrived in Canada late in April is the son of Lieut.-Col. MacGregor, VC, MC, DCM…Jimmie has had around 50 operational flights and the award was made for “outstanding qualities of courage and initiative.”
- Jun/45, p.1 - “About 15 have been discharged in the past month. These include…Jimmie MacGregor (Log Pond)…”
- Vol.21/1945/No.6-Jun. p.14– “Back in Powell River our latest DFC winner, PO Jimmie MacGregor, had other things to divert his attention. Just home from overseas after 55 operational flights over Germany, Jimmie was married on Wednesday, May 9.”
- Jul/46, p14 – “Pilot Officer Jimmie MacGregor, DFC, had over thirty operational flights above Germany.”
365 - MacGregor, John, Lieutenant Colonel VC, O/C, 2nd C.S.R.
- Vol.16/1940/No.7-Jul. p.2 – “Leading the Powell River contingent of men who enlisted during June and July was Major John MacGregor, VC, MC, DCM, who rejoins as major in the Second Battalion, Canadian Scottish, at Victoria. Another dozen Powell River lads are also with the Canadian Scottish.”
- Vol.16/1940/No.9-Sep. p. 4 – (inset photo) “The candid camera snaps Major John MacGregor, VC, of Powell River, now in command of “A” Company, Second Battalion, Canadian Scottish, walking along a Vancouver street with Johnny Williams, local employee.”
- Vol.16/1940/No.11-Nov. p.15 – “Including Bob Leese, four former employees hold commissions. In the Canadian Scottish, Major MacGregor, VC, MC,DCM, formerly on the millright staff, commands “A” Company. Denny Green, steam plant engineer, is now Lieutenant Green, MC, Transport Officer, Canadian Scottish. And at Esquimalt, Kent Goldsmith of the Kingcome office, takes the salute of many old friends as Lieutenant K. Goldsmith, RCN.”
- Vol.18/1942/No.1-Jan. p.3 – “Major John MacGregor, VC, of Powell River is now second in command of the Scottish.”
- Vol.18/1942/No.9-Sep. p.9 – “Powell River’s highest ranking member of the Active Service forces thus far is Lieut.-Colonel John MacGregor, VC, MC, DCM, who commands the Second Battalion, Canadian Scottish Regiment. Col. MacGregor enlisted in 1940, was given command of a company in the Scottish. He was later promoted to 2I/C of the same battalion, and on the retirement of Col. Baptie, took over the battalion.”
- Feb/43, p.4 – “We had three of our former majors home during one week in January. There was Lieutenant-Colonel John MacGregor, VC, O/C 2
nd CSR, Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Sutton and Flying Officer R.C. MacKenzie…Colonel Sutton is on Atlantic convoy duty and has crossed the pond quite a few times.”
- Vol.20/1944/No.2-Feb. p.13 – “Lieut.-Col. MacGregor has returned to Canada after six months overseas.”
- Aug/43, p.1 – “Lieut. Colonel John MacGregor was in town this week. Looks fit and don’t be surprised where he turns up next.”
- Jan/44, p.2 – “After telling the gang to look up Colonel MacGregor, the old rascal suddenly pops up in Powell River on two weeks’ furlough. Had a good trip overseas, saw quite a few of the lads and tells us he saw a private in the Coldstreams fire 38 rounds a minute from a Lee Enfield, with 28 shots dead on.”
- Jan/44, p.4 – (in a letter from J. Heaton) “Had the pleasure of a couple of hours’ chat with Colonel MacGregor and we talked Powell River all the time.”
- May/44, p.3 – “Lieut. Col. John MacGregor has been posted as Camp Commandant at Wainwright, Alberta.”
- Vol.20/1945/No.2-Feb. inside cover – “Col. McGregor rose from the rank of private to major in the last war. He was one of Canada’s sixty-odd Victoria Cross holders, winning the coveted Empire decoration while serving with the Canadian Mounted Rifles, in front of Cambrai, in September, 1918. He won the Distinguished Conduct Medal as a sergeant at Vimy Ridge, April 9, 1917. In the present conflict, Col. MacGregor was recalled to service early in 1941, with the rank of major. He was promoted to Commanding Officer of the Second Battalion, Canadian Scottish Regiment. He spent five months overseas, observing and studying infantry training and tactics. Since his return, he has been attached as a senior officer to the Pacific Command. He was Camp Commandant at Vernon, later at Wainwright, Alta. At present he is OC Oxford Rifles. Col. MacGregor has one son, Pilot Officer Jimmie MacGregor, serving overseas with the RCAF.”
- Mar/45, p.5 – “Just received word that PO Jimmie MacGregor, who has just arrived home, has picked up a DFC on his travels over the continent. That’s one decoration his Dad hasn’t grabbed up and Jimmie’s award will just nicely round off the family’s war decorations.”
- Apr/45, p.1 – “Pilot Officer Jimmie MacGregor, DFC and all, dropped in to say hello. Looks swell, feels “sweller”. And why shouldn’t he? He even out and got married on Tuesday, May 8. Brought his girl friend back from Winnipeg with him. Taking a honeymoon down on Vancouver Island—and to drop in to see “Pop” in the person of Lieut. Col. John MacGregor.”
- May/45, p.3 – “Lieut. Colonel John MacGregor is on the prowl again and just where he will turn up next nobody knows for official publication..”
366 - McGuffie, James (Jimmy) – SPO RCNVR
- Vol.18/1942/No.9-Sep. p.7 – “In the ranks of the bluejackets are scores of former employees, well known throughout the district. There is…such well known lads as Jimmy McGuffie…worthy of the tradition handed down and maintained by the Royal Navy.”
- Dec/44, p.4 – (in a letter from C.D. Bird) “See…Jimmy McGuffie occasionally. We escort one another across the Channel and back again.”
- Jul/46, p.6 - “Lads like…Jimmy McGuffie…kept Powell River colors at the masthead, as convoy after convoy battled its way to the sorely pressed shores of the United Kingdom.”
367 - MacIntosh, Charles (Charlie) – Sergeant RCAF
-Vol.16/1940/No.8-Aug. p.5/16 – “We had quite a reunion here. Five Powell River boys all got together-Jack Carr, Charlie MacIntosh, Chuck Couvelier, Sandy Strachan and myself (Ernest Campbell). About all we could do was have our pictures taken.”
- Vol.16/1940/No.11-Nov. p.15 – “Sandy Strachan and Charlie MacIntosh are stationed, for the time being, at RCAF headquarters in Vancouver.”
- May/43, p.4 – (R-58125) (in a letter from Charlie Murray) “After arrival here I met Charlie MacIntosh…(Ed. Note: …Charlie is doing great work keeping us lined up on the boys whereabouts.)”
- Aug/43, p.1 – “And Charlie MacIntosh (is) out with BNAF – and we hear Charlie is already selling sweepstake tickets to the Arabs,”
- Aug/43, p.2 – (in a letter from Garnet Gibson) “I was over here from January to April before I met any P.R. boys, but one night I met…Charlie MacIntosh…”
- Aug/44, p.1 – (R-58258) [sic] Charlie MacIntosh is now a Sergeant and still packing softball teams about the country. His team met and (according to Charlie) defeated a squad coached by Vince Forbes recently.”
- Jan/45, p.2 – “Charlie MacIntosh has just sent us a picture of himself standing beside a four ft. wedding cake. Says he has made five in the past few months for the lads who are grabbing off English lassies. Charlie is up in Yorks, where cake and pudding making have been developed to a high art.”
-Vol.21/1945/No.1-Jan. p.10/11 – “Last week from somewhere in India, a letter arrived from Cpl. “Dint” Hunter…Said Dint: “It was just like Old Home Week when I arrived out here. Hardly arrived at the station before I ran into Ivan Hansen, Don Clarke, Bob Gornall and Johnny (sic??) MacIntosh.”
-Vol.21/1945/No.1-Jan. p.11 – “Recently Cpl. Charlie MacIntosh, RCAF, took a softball team to another camp. The opposing team was captained by Flt.-Lieut. Vince Forbes, and Charlie’s comment was: “It didn’t matter much who won. We sure are putting Powell River on the map!”
- Vol.21/1945/No.4/5-Apr./May p.11– “Out in India working with the swiftly advancing forces of Admiral Mountbatten is the 435
th Squadron, RCAF. In the squadron six Powell River lads are carrying on the fight against the Jap. These are Flying Officers Don Clarke and Jock MacIntosh, Corporals Bob Gornall and Dint Hunter, LAC Ivan Hansen and Ron Smythe. All of these lads were posted seperately to the RAF India Command, and were unaware of each other’s whereabouts. Don Clarke was posted to the 435th Squadron. A few days later Jock MacIntosh turned up to make it a Powell River two-some. Then came along Dint Hunter, wondering what he would find in India. He found Don and Jock, who had been joined by Ivan Nansen, Bob Gornall and Ron Smythe. “It was just like Old Home Week,” reminisced Dint in a recent letter.”It was sure great to see so many of the old gang together, and, believe me, we made the most of it.”
- Jun/45, p.1 (131) - “Other fellows definitely signed up for the Pacific include…Charlie MacIntosh.”
368 - MacIntyre, Battleman – Lieutenant Colonel Canadian Army Overseas
Vol.16/1940/No.2-Feb. p.7 – This month’s personality page flutters around the moguls of Powell River indoor sport pastimes…No.2 on our list is Battleman MacIntyre, proprietor of the Hotel Rodmay and President of Powell River’s most recent indoor sport-table tennis. This organization has enjoyed a steady and fast-growing popularity in the past two years. Being President is nothing new to Batt, who has been President of nearly every athletic body in the community since his schoolboy days. He has tried his hand at nearly every sport, with the exception of soccer football. He thought there were too many Scotsmen on the field. A leader in every branch of community work, Batt is one of the most active and popular of Powell River’s younger executives. He is a member of the Board of Trade, prominent in the local War Chest drives, a past president of the basketball and baseball leagues, a member of the Lacrosse Commission-but we could keep this up all night and still find Batt a member of something or other. He’s that kind of a guy.”
- Vol.16/1940/No.11-Nov. p.15 – “Bat McIntyre [sic]…now holds the rank of Corporal-as does Harry Davis, former City Motors Agent.”
- Vol.17/1941/No.1-Jan. p.9 – “Bat MacIntyre, Rodmay Hotel owner, has his sergeant’s stripes, and is looking forward to his next transfer to another unknown destination.”
- Vol.17/1941/No.5-May. p.10 – “Sergeant Bat MacIntyre and Gunner Rod Matheson of the Light Anti-Aircraft unit arrived safely in England after an uneventful voyage.”
- Vol.18/1942/No.5-May. p.9 – “In London, Col. Sutton met Sergt. Battleman MacIntyre.”
- Vol.18/1942/No.10-Oct. p.8 – “And there is Pilot Officer Bert Carey, formerly of the Sales and Shipping Office, and now with the Ferry Command. Bert saw Bat McIntrye in London.”
- Vol.18/1942/No.10-Oct. p.8 – “Sergeant Jack Gebbie, of the Westminsters, and his pal, Bat MacIntyre, are both edging close to their commissions.”
- Vol.18/1942/No.12-Dec. p.2 – “Lieutenant Batt MacIntyre has asked us to include, if we have a spare inch the
The Digester, a personal greeting from himself. We gladly spare the space, and here is the messgae our latest lieutenant asks us to pass along.
“I wish all at home a sincerely Happy New Year, and before it comes to an end may everyone on the Powell River Honor Roll be afforded the opportunity of taking part in a victory parade up Second Street, being led by our true friends and relatives of E Company, 2
nd Battalion, BC Regiment.”
Thanks, Batt, the best to you from Powell River.”
- Feb/43, p.3 – “Batt. MacIntyre is now a Lieutenant, CASC.”
- Feb/44, p.2 - “And Batt MacIntyre told us the troops still do the same thing with Six out of Seven Thorns at Bramshott.”
- Feb/44, p.5 - (re: Reunion) “Liked the group (photo) with Bat MacIntyre, Walt Vandervoort, Lionel Rorke, Martin Naylor, Roy Lund, Gene Messmer, all in dignified relaxation.”
- Mar/44, p.1 - “Kenny Macken and Batt MacIntyre have both passed into the three pipper group – so now its Captains MacIntyre and Macken.”
- Mar/44, p.5 – (re: Reunion) “Batt MacIntyre, in his usual vein, drew gasps of admiration from the spectators (female) and beams of pride from his mother and other relatives.”
- Vol.20/1944/No.4-Apr. p.12 – “Both Batt MacIntyre and Ken Macken carry the three pips of a captain.”
- Aug/44, p.3 – (in a letter from W.D. Carter) “Saw Capt. Bat MacIntyre a few weeks ago. He is the same old Bat.”
- Sep/44, p.2 – “Flash! We have it on reasonably official authority that Capt. Bat MacIntyre has stepped into, or is about to step into, the sacred circle of field officers, with a boost to Major. …congratulations on your good work at NETD. – Just received the picture of yourself examining the doodle bug.”
- May/45, p.2 – “We are lad to report that our mutual friend Batt MacIntyre has been elevated to the dizzy eminence of a Lieut. Colonel. A deserved promotion and Batt has done a swell job at NETD. He will be staying over with the Occupation Forces.”
369 - McIssacs, E.J. (Teddy) – LAC RCAF

- Nov/44, p.2 - “Some of the younger lads like…Teddy McIssacs who have just started, will be demobilized and remustered to the Army after a month’s leave.”

370 -McIssacs, J.F. (Frankie) – AC2 RCAF

- Dec/44, p.2 - “Quite a number of discharges lately, mostly Air Force, who have been returned to Civvy Street, but are subject to recall in six months. These include…three youngsters who had just started training (including) Frankie McIssacs.”

371 - McKay, E. – Corporal Irish Fusiliers
- Jul/43, p.4 - (in a letter from T.R. Lambert) Ed. note: “There is a Stillwater boy name of McKay with you, Tom.”)
372 - McKenzie, A.T. – Sergeant Canadian Army Overseas
- Jul/44, p.1 – “And Archie McKenzie climbs right into the money with his third hook. (K-41042) #1 SFG CFC CAO.”
373 - MacKenzie, G.A.
- Jul/46, p10 - “All specialist branches were liberally sprinkled with lads from the paper town…(including)…Tpr. G.A. MacKenzie…Edmontons.”
374 – McKenzie, Gordon (Gordie) – Sergeant RCAF Overseas
- Jan/45, p.2 – “So too (arrived in Vancouver), did LAC Gordie MacKenzie [sic], who used to hand us out our mail in the old Post Office. Gordie will probably be discharged.”
- Mar/45, p.6 (118) – “And Sgt. Gord. MacKenzie [sic] came back from overseas, headed straight for Powell Lake and caught a six-pound trout the first day.”
- May/45, p.2 (126) - “Quite a number of fellows who have returned in recent months are now back on Civvie Street. These include…Sgt. Gord McKenzie…”
375 - McKenzie, J.G. – Trooper Canadian Army Overseas
- Feb/44, p.2 - “If any of you run across Red Heaton, with the CMF, that him that another old grinder room pal, Tpr J.G. McKenzie (K-71714) HQ Sqdn. 5th CAB, is in the same area.”
- Feb/44, p.3 – (K-71714) HQ Squdn 5
th CAB CA CMF “Just a line from one of the old grinder room crew…it really must be fun having the women working around the mull. I bet it helps a lot to keep the boys in their clothes in the hot spots around the plant. If they ever get any of those Amazons working in the Grinder Room, I think they had better keep it quiet or the boys will be afraid to come back!”
376 - MacKenzie, P.W. (Pete) – Sergeant Pilot RCAF
- Mar/44, p.2 – “Sgt. Pilot MacKenzie has been transferred to a Saskatchewan service flying school for special duties.”
- May/44, p.2 – “Sgt. Pilot Pete MacKenzie is stationed at North Battleford, after completinga month’s special course at Trenton.”
- Feb/45, p.2 - “Sgt. Pete MacKenzie is back in the Machine Room, with an unconditional discharge.”
377 - MacKenzie, R. C. – Flight Lieutenant - RCAF
- Vol.18/1942/No.7-Jul. p.13 – “The RCAF officer roll roster now includes the name of Flying Officer R.C. MacKenzie of the Vancouver office…”
- Vol.18/1942/No.7-Jul. p.15 – “The picture…on the left is R.C. MacKenzie, formerly traffic manager for Powell River Sales Co., who has been commissioned as a Pilot Officer in the RCAF and is presently stationed at Oshawa, Ontario.”
- Feb/43, p.4 - “We had three of our former majors home during one week in January. There was Lieutenant-Colonel John MacGreggor, VC, O/C 2
nd CSR, Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Sutton and Flying Officer R.C. MacKenzie…Colonel Sutton is on Atlantic convoy duty and has crossed the pond quite a few times.”
- Vol.20/1944/No.12-Dec. p.13 – “Among well-known Powell River personnel recently discharged from the Armed Forces is Flt.-Lieut. R.C. MacKenzie, DSO. “Mac” is back at his desk in the Vancouver office after an absence of nearly three years. Twice, in a quarter of a century, Mac has donned the uniform of his country. In the last war he went overseas as a private in 1914, rose to the rank of major, and was awarded the Distinguished Service Order for conspicuous service in the field. In the present conflict, he enlisted in the RCAF in 1942, where he has held important administrative posts throughout his service. With the recent curtailment on Air Force requirements, and more particularly since he was denied the opportunity of proceeding overseas, “Mac” accepted his discharge.”
- Dec/44, p.2 - “Discharged too (is)…R.C. MacKenzie, returned to the Vancouver Office.”
378 - McKie, Hughie – Private Canadian Army Overseas
- Vol.17/1941/No.9-Sep. p.7 – “…News has come through of the safe arrival in England of Canada’s Third Division…includ(ing) the 1st Battalion Canadian Scottish, whose nominal roll includes twenty-two Powell River boys. Among these (is) Hughie McKie…”
- Vol.18/1942/No.9-Sep. p.8 – “Twenty-two Powell River representatives are numbered in the ranks of the First Canadian Battalion, Canadian Scottish, Third Division. They include such stalwarts as Pte. Hugh McKie…”
- Jun/44, p.2 - “And there is all the old crowd still with the First Canadian Scottish (including)…Hughie McKie…who have probably raise CAEN by this time.”
- Jul/44, p.2 - “Here are some of the Army lads thus far identified in Normandy…(including)…Hugh McKie…”
379 - McKissock, T. (Tommy) – Corporal S.H. of C.
Vol.16/1940/No.8-Aug. p.4 – “Many local lads, including Tommy McKissock…are in the heart of the battle area in England.”
- Vol.17/1941/No.2-Feb. p.3 – “The Seaforths, who will be to the fore if any invasion of Britain is attempted, include…Tommy McKissock, Westview…”
- Vol.18/1942/No.9-Sep. p.8 – “The old First Division, the Seaforths, mighty in name and tradition, have seven Powell River boys in the ranks. There is Corp. Tommy McKissock…”
- Jul/44, p.3 – “Tommy McKissock, also discharged, is back at his old trade. Now works for J. Reid, well known Granville Street butcher.”
380 - McKnight, D.E. (Dave) – Sergeant Navigator RCAF
- Jan/45, p.1 –“Dave McKnight has just graduated as Sgt. Navigator and is being transferred to Civilian Reserve.”
381 - McKnight, Watson _ LAC RCAF Overseas
- Apr/43, p.1 – “Watson McKnight is a full Corporal.”
- Mar/45, p.2 - “And here are a few messages we promised to send. Martin Naylor, Bruce Paterson and Harry Cooper send regards to “Watsy McKnight, Geno Bortolussi and Don Clarke.”
- Mar/45, p.4 – (in a letter from Doris Humphrey) “Watson McKnight and I work side by side and always exchange the latest gen [sic] on the old home town.”
382 – McLauchlan, Colin
- Vol.16/1940/No.9-Sep. p.6 – “Jock Campbell…is with the Canadian Scottish in Victoria, along with a large crowd of Powell River boys, including Jimmy Jacobs, Rusty Taylor, Joe Hugh Carney, Joe Tash, Hock Pelley, George and Bill Crockett, Colin McLauchlan and many others.”
- Vol.17/1941/No.5-May. p.11 – “…Colin McLauchlan atill has plenty of opportunity to blow his pipes…All the boys from Debert send their regards to Powell River and wish to thank the folks for the parcels and smokes.”
383 –McLauchlan, Henry – Lieutenant RCNVR
- Vol.18/1942/No.7-Jul. p.13 – “From our navy intelligence comes word that Henry McLauchlan, of the Powell River Sales Company, is taking a sub-lieutenant’s course.”
- Vol.19/1943/No.5-May. p.10 – “…Henry McLaughlin…(is) now (a) Sub-Lieutenant.”
384 - X McLean, A.L. – Trooper Canadian Army Overseas
- Jul/46, p13 - “In the fighting in Europe…seven Powell River men gave their lives…A.L. McLean… died in (his) country’s service.”
385 - MacLean, Neil – Sergeant RCAF
- Aug/43, p.1 - “Neil MacLean, RCAF, is sprouting three hooks.”
- Aug/43, p.4 – (R-122407) Service Police #2 Equipment Depot Vancouver BC “Just a line to let you know change of address so I will get the News Letter regularly. I think the News Letter is one of the greatest ideas that has come out of Powell River. It gives us crocks that are too old to go overseas again, an idea of what the young fellows are doing over there and the places they get around to.”
386 - McLeod, E. (Ernie) – PO RCNVR
- May/44, p.3 – “And Ernie McLeod, who left Kelly Spruce a few months ago, is now at HMCS York FMO Toronto.”
387 - McLeod, J.B. (Jack) – Stoker RCNVR
- Jul/44, p.2 – “And Stoker Jack McLeod pulled a fast one; he dashed off on June 22nd. And married Miss Ray McIssac of Antigonish, NS.”
388 - McLeod, John William (Johnny) – Private DD X1
- Apr/45, p.2 - “Last enlistments in the Army include…young Johnny McLeod, nephew of Arthur Dunne. Almost makes you think the War Babies Battalion is being called up.”
389 - X McMullin, F. (Frank) - Sergeant Pilot RCAF
- Vol.18/1942/No.3-Mar. p.3/11 – (picture caption) “Frank McMullin Killed Overseas” “As we go to press, word has just been received that Frank McMullin, former Head Paper Tester, and an employee of the Powell River Company for the past 12 years, has been killed in combat overseas. Frank left his position as Head Tester in the plant early in 1941 to join the RCAF. He was rejected as a pilot, but persisted in his attempts to enter his country’s service. He was finally enrolled in the observers school, from which he graduated in 1941. He went overseas in the closing month of the year as Sergeant-Observer. Prior to enlistment Frank was prominent in our community life. He was Past Exulted Ruler of the local BPOE, and a participant in many and widely extended phases of community and athletic life. He was a first class citizen and a valued employee, and hundreds of his friends in Powell River mourn the passing of a friend. His mother and father are both resident in Vancouver. His father is Col. J.H. McMullin, former Commissioner of B.C. Police. To his parents and to all relatives who mourn his loss, the Powell River Company extends deepest sympathy.”
- Vol.18/1942/No.9-Sep. p.10 – “In March, 1942, Sergt. Frank McMullen (sic), former pulp tester and an employee of the Powell River Company for over ten years, was killed in action over the British Isles.”
- Vol.19/1943/No.11-Nov. p.11 – (under “We Will Remember Them”)
“Sgt. McMullen (sic), Frank
RCAF March ’42
Flying Accident, England.”
- Jul/46, p13 – “Sgt. Pilot Frank McMullen (sic) was Powell River’s first casualty in World War II – killed in a training accident in England in 1942.”
390 - McNair, A.M. – PO RCAF
- Mar/44, p.1 – “A.M. McNair, Stillwater, is a Pilot Officer.”
391 - McNair, D.S. – Private Canadian Army Overseas
- Feb/45, p.1 (107) – “(K-4883) 15 CIT Bn #8 CITR CAO.”
- Feb/45, p.3 – “…Have finally crossed the pond. Have been here since January, and agree this is a picturesque country, but I’ll take Powell River any time. Have experienced my first taste of that stuff they call “bitters”, and boy! Is it well named! …Spring weather now and things look brighter.”
392 - McNair, R.L. – LAC CU RCAF Overseas
- Mar/45, p.3 – (R-189428) “…By the way, I would like to hear from some of the boys. I wrote to several but have had no replies. Also, thank the Company for the Special Letter which certainly made us all feel better.”
393 – McNeil, “Buster”
- Aug/43, p.2 – (in a letter from Hugh Cairney) “I am up in the Highlands beside the Spey River in the land of the mountains and Haros. Buster McNeil is here and has just finished pitching a ball game for our Coy. We won.
394 - McNeil, G.F. (Gordie) – O/D RCNVR
- Jan/45, p.4 – (in a letter from Courtenay Powell) “Met…Gordie MacNeil in Newfie last trip.”
395 - McPhalon, A.W. (Art) – Trooper Canadian Army Overseas
- Dec/44, p.3 – (in a letter from Elsie Foster) “Have seen…Art McPhalen.”
- Feb/45, p.1 - “…the following have arrived overseas…Tpr. Art McPhalen (K-54583) (You will probably get him at CACTR.)”
396 - McPhalon, C.G. (Chuck) – PO RCAF
- Jan/44, p.1 – “And Chuck McPhalon, who has been doing a useful job with the Western Air Command, departed forever from the ranks of the NCO’s. It’s Pilot Officer Chuck McPhalon, boys!”
397 - McPherson, A. G. (Al) “Mickey” – Corporal Canadian Army Overseas
- Vol.17/1941/No.9-Sep. p.7 – “…News has come through of the safe arrival in England of Canada’s Third Division…includ(ing) the 1st Battalion Canadian Scottish, whose nominal roll includes twenty-two Powell River boys. Among these (is) Mickey McPherson…”
- Mar/44, p.4 - (in a letter from Maurice Wilshire) “At one place here I met…Mickey McPherson.”
- Apr/44, p.2 – “Mickey McPherson has started up the ladder and has picked off his first two hooks.”
- May/44, p.2 – (K-57553) “B Coy. Loyal Edmonton Regt. CA CMF.”
- Jun/45, p.5 – (in a letter from B.W. MacDonald) “Could you print Al McPherson’s address in your next letter. (Here you are Barney—Cpl. Al McPherson (K-57553) B Coy Loyal Edmonton Regt CAO. Think Al may be on his way back by the time this reaches you.)”
- Jul/46, p10 - “All specialist branches were liberally sprinkled with lads from the paper town…(including)…Cpl. “Mickey” McPherson…Edmontons.”
398- McRae, H. – Private RCASC CAO
- May/45, p.4 (128) – (K68792) 15th Cdn Fld Amb “…We have been in some pretty lively spots but the last place was really hot. I thought I was seeing that film called San Francisco in real life and it even had its humorous side as well. Some of the infantry boys located a few jugs and started celebrating. Finally those who couldn’t walk were put on dog carts and pulled home. They caused quite a commotion as they moved down the street. The way things are shaping up over here now looks as though it won’t be long now and that day can’t come any too soon.”
399 - McVicar, John (Slim) – Private CFC
- Apr/43, p.5 - “Recent enlistments around town include…John McVicar…”
- May/44, p.3 – “...Pte John McVicker (was) home on leave recently.”
- Oct/44, p.4 – (K-50195) CF Corps Shaughnessy Hospital Vancouver “…Have been here since 7
th September. Had trouble with my back in the East and was sent back to my depot. The Doc says I have rheumatism of the spine. This is sure some hospital now and they are building on to it…One of the Drayton boys (Bill) has been here for seven months, troubled with his back and legs…See Tommy Chalmers occasionally…Hope to get up for the Paper Makers Ball…Thanks again for the News Letters.”
400 – McWhinney, John – Canadian Army
- Vol.19/1943/No.5-May. p.11 – (in a list of Powell River men who have received commissions) - “Captain.”