Service Men - Keaist - Kyles

306 - X Keaist, R. (Dicky) – WO RCAF Overseas
- Jul/46, p13 - “How well we remember these lads, because they were first in battle and were in our minds and hearts for so long…(including) Dicky Keaist…- all youngsters, who were part and parcel of our community and athletic life, were sucked up in the tempest.”
307 - Keith, A.C. (Albert/Albie) – AB RCN
- Apr/43, p.4 - (in a letter from Stan Richardson) “Lately I’ve met quite a few of the boys including…Albie Keith…”
- Jun/45, p.1 - “About 15 have been discharged in the past month. These include…Albert Keith…”
308 - Kennedy, G.A. – Gunner Canadian Army Overseas
- Jun/44, p.3 – (K-15312) 109th Bty 1st LAA Regt RCA CAO CMF “…Have just received the March edition of the News Letter and was sure glad to get it. Am now with a Western battery, the first one since joining up, and it’s a treat to be “out West” again…Have been here for over three months and am getting quite an Italian accent. Weather fine here and we are having an exciting time.”
- Jul/46, p10 - “All specialist branches were liberally sprinkled with lads from the paper town…(including)…Gunner G.A. Kennedy…Edmontons.”
309 - Kenny, Ralph – Private Canadian Army Overseas
SM-Kenny, Ralph – Private Canadian Army OverseasSM-Kenny, Ralph – Private Canadian Army Overseas-2
(PH002254) (PH002254-2)
- Vol.18/1942/No.9-Sep. p.8 – “The Fifth (Armoured) Division finds Powell River equally well represented. In the smart New Westminster Regiment are a group of well known athletes and citizens. They include Ralph, soccer star…”
- Jan/44, p.2 - “…And Ralph Kenny (Westminster) (is) kicking around in the same area (Central Mediterranean).”
- Vol.20/1944/No.2-Feb. p.12 – “In the Westminster Regiment (M) now in Italy (is) Ralph Kenny…”
- Mar/44, p.4 – 9K-47903) New West, Regt. (M) Can Army CMF Overseas “Thanks for the cigs and the News Letters. They are both real treasures over here. Could you by any chance send me Gordie Hughes’ address?”
- Jun/44, p.2 - “Dicky Johnston reports seeing Ralph Kenny in Italy, but only had time to wave to him from a passing truck.”
- Jan/45, p.2 – “and Ralph Kenny, still a stretcher case, arrived in Vancouver this week.”
- Feb/45, p.3 - (in a letter from Norman Thomson) “”Since some of the fellows are in Shaughnessy, I would like to pass on the info that the red[headed waitress in the dining room is good for two desserts. (Attention…Ralph Kenny!)”
- May/45, p.2 – “Ralph Kenny is still in Shaghnessy and picking up in good shape. Will be discharged shortly.”
- Jul/46, p10 - “From the beaches of Pachino to the Po valley, with interim stops at the Hitler and Gothic lines, at Cassino, at the Morro and a score of other natural obstacles, Powell River was always there…with the Westminsters (was)…Ralph Kenny.”
310 - Killin, H. E. (Howie) – AB RCNVR
- Aug/43, p.2 (24) – (in a letter from Joe Miller) “…Also see a lot of the younger generation scattered around…(including)…Howie Killin, RCNVR…”
311 - Killin, R.J. (Ray) – Leading Seaman RCNVR
- May/43, p.4 - (in a letter from Stan Richardson) “…Ray Killen [sic] comes around with me…”
- Sep/44, p.4 – (V-31060) HMCS Cornwallis FMO Cornwallis NS “Am writing this in the hope you might be able to send me the News Letter. Have just read a copy of the August issue…I met Bob Dunn and Reg Parkin up in “Newfie”. The Brown boy from Cranberry is in the next block to me here, Just got in barracks after being on an English minesweeper for over a year. They dragged me in for a higher gunnery course.”
312 – Kimbal, Harry – Canadian Army Overseas
313 - King, F.G. (Fred) – Chief Stoker RCNR
- Feb/44, p.4 – SPO (A-3378) RCNR HMCS Courtenay FMO Prince Rupert BC “…You have one small statement in the January issue where you say the Navy boys are kind of slipping in keeping up-to-date on their promotions. Well here is where you have been slipping up for a long time, and by that I mean about a year. For in my case when I was made Acting PO in July 1942, I infirmed you, but no dice, and again in Sept. 1943 when I got my confirmation as PO, still no dice. Now I am informing you that I am Acting Chief Stoker and looking forward in the near future to my confirmation.”
- Dec/44, p.2 – “…Fred King, who draws a CPO…”
- Mar/45, p.1 – “Fred King is now Chief Stoker.”
314 – King, G.W. (Gerry) –Sergeant RCAF
- Aug/44, p.2 – “Overseas too is Gerry King with the rank of Sergeant (R-221603).”
- Jun/45, p.2 – “And Gerry King, finding his feet a bit itchy, wagled his way into the Fleet Air Arm.”
315 - Kipp, Gord
- Vol.19/1943/No.2-Feb. p.6 – “Pilot Officer Wilfred Kipp has arrived in the United Kingdom, and brother Pilot Officer Gordon is somewhere on the east coast.”
- Jan/44, p.4 - (in a letter from Bill Gallagher) “…Have met Gord Kipp…”
316 - Kipp, Wilf – Flying Officer - RCAF
- Vol.19/1943/No.2-Feb. p.6 – “Pilot Officer Wilfred Kipp has arrived in the United Kingdom, and brother Pilot Officer Gordon is somewhere on the east coast.”
- May/44, p.2 – “Pilot Officer Wilf Kipp is in the same prison camp as Tommy (Gardiner). To date…Wilf…(is) an official prisoner. Gordon cooper…is also “in camp” with Tommy and Wilf.”
- Sep/44, p.1 – FO Wilf Kipp can be located bu addressing a note to #3315 Canadian Prisoner of War, Stammlager Luft 3 Germany.”
- May/45, p.1 - “Good news about our prisoners of war. The whole shebang have turned up and are in England, in Canada or on their way…Wilf Kipp…(is) out of the woods and safe.”
317 - Knowles, Benny – Flight Lieutenant RCAF
- Aug/43, p.1 – “Benny Knowles is a Flight Lieutenant in charge of a link training establishment in Alberta.”
318- Kohut, M. (Mike) – Corporal Canadian Army Overseas
- Sep/44, p.2 – “Mike Kohut finds the Italian air somewhat to his liking and has pulled two stripes out of the hat.”
- Jul/46, p10 - “All specialist branches were liberally sprinkled with lads from the paper town…(including)…Corporal Mike Kohut…Edmontons.”
319 - Kyles, J.A. (Jock) – Squadron Leader RCAF Overseas
- Vol.18/1942/No.1-Jan. p.13 – “The excellent photograph on this page was posed specially for THE DIGESTER, and shows Pilot Officer J.A. “Jock” Kyles discussing a recent issue of THE DIGESTER with brother-in-law Lieutenant Kent Goldsmith, RCNVR. The picture was taken in Vancouver during Pilot Officer Kyles’ embarkation leave. A few days later he was on his way to an Eastern Canadian port; and word has just been received of his safe arrival in England…Pilot Officer “Jock” Kyles has been with the Company for 17 years. At the time of his enlistment, as Mill Secretary he was an executive officer of the Company at Powell River. Jock enlisted in the recently formed Radio-location branch of the RCAF. He was immediately transferred to an Eastern school where he took an intensive specialized training course. Along with his many friends in Powell River, THE DIGESTER joins in wishing Jock “Good Luck and Good Locating”.”
- Vol.18/1942/No.9-Sep. p.5 – “It (1942 London reunion) was a grand day,” Pilot Officer Jock Kyles writes. “It looked like Powell River had taken over London for the day – and they just about did that.”
- Vol.18/1942/No.9-Sep. p.14 – “Overseas with the RCAF and working on a rough average of about 14 hours a day is Flying Officer Jock Kyles, former mill secretary at Powell River. Jock has been overseas for nearly a year, has experienced several bombing raids, and is doing an important job with the RCAF. He went to London for the Beaver Club reunion. Mr. Jamieson of the Engineering staff asks Jock to keep out of the clutches of the FBI.”
- Vol.18/1942/No.10-Oct. p.8 – “Jock Kyles is now a Flying Officer.”
- Vol.19/1943/No.3-Mar. p.5 – “And Pilot Officer Lionel Rorke states Frank Roberts and Jack Young are located in his squadron and that Flight Lieutenant Jock Kyles is not far away.”
- Feb/43, p.3 – “Jock Kyles has been boosted to Flight Lieutenant.”
- Apr/43, p.2 – (in a letter from Lionel Rorke) “Jock Kyles isn’t far away. He is in Group Headquarters this squadron.”
- Vol.19/1943/No.4-Apr. p.16 – “In a letter from Ken Barton, received under date of March 30
th, he says he was in London on March 28th, walked into the Bank of Montreal, and bumped right into Jock Kyles. Jock was hurrying out to report back to his station. Ken says that Jock looks a picture of health.”
- Aug/43, p.1 – “Flight Lieutenant Jock Kyles has had another boost and is now Squadron Leader J.A. Kyles. (Congratulations, Jock.)”
- Aug/43, p.2 - I was over here from January to April before I met any P.R. boys…I discovered that Squadron Leader Jock Kyles is stationed here.”
- Feb/44, p.1 – “Jock Kyles is high man in the Powell River air contingent, with a neat Squadron Leadership to his credit.”
- Feb/44, p.5 - “The first pictures of the Beaver Club Reunion have just come in…These newspaper cuts are not so hot. And we didn’t see Squad. Leader Jock Kyles…in any of the pictures.”
- May/44, p.4 – (in a letter rom E.J.C. Dore) “Received a couple of letters from Jock Kyles.”
- Jul/44, p.5 – (C-8311) “…Ever since June 6 we have been going like mad. Not much rest. Keeping fit and have moved around quite a lot recently…Don’t know where I’ll be next but will have to wait and see and do as I am told…Thanks for the smokes and believe it or not, if I had to smoke English cigarettes exclusively, I’d quite smoking.”
- Jan/45, p.2 – “This month Squadron Leader Jock Kyles returned to say hello to his friends in P.R.”
- Vol.21/1945/No.2-Feb. p.10– “The latter half of February saw Powell River welcoming Squadron Leader J.A. “Jock” Kyles, former mill secretary, who was attached to the highly secret and specialized Radar division in England.”
- Feb/45, p.2 - “Ken (Barton) and Jock Kyles spoke to members of the Twenty Five Year Club during their visit to P.R.”
- Feb/45, p.5 - “Squadron Leader Jock Kyles and Lieut. Ken Barton were guests at the gathering and told a few stories the Twenty Five Year Club youngsters had never heard before. And somehow the ration situation seemed to be fairly well mastered for that evening.”
- Vol.21/1945/No.3-Mar. p.2/3– “Several invited guests were present (at the Twenty-Five Year Club). These included Squadron Leader J.A. Kyles, who has returned to Canada after three years overseas, and Lieut. Ken Barton , repatriated as a result of wounds suffered in the Canadian attack at Ortona, Italy…Squadron Leader J.A. Kyles and Lieut. Barton gave interesting and amusing talks on their overseas experiences, and Ken’s story about the Italian “bambinos” promises to become a local classic.”
- Mar/45, p.2 – “Squadron Leader Jock Kyles is now Mr. Kyles and back on the job again. Sends his best to the old crowd and hopes to see you all in person soon. “The old town looks pretty good,” says Jock.
- Apr/45, p.5 - “Softball season opens May 6. Arrangements for opening will bring a Navy-Army-Air Force trio into the inaugural ceremonies. CERA Bob Redhead will pitch the opening ball. Lieut. Jack Gebbie will catch it and Squadron Leader Jock Kyles will swing the hickory.”
- Vol.21/1945/No.6-Jun. p.8– “Three prominent Powell River service men, recently returned from overseas, headlined the (sports season) opening ceremonies. CPO Bob Redhead, back from Greece and way points, donned the catcher’s mask; Lieut. Jack Gebbie, home after 18 months in Italy, hurled the opening pitch; and Squadron Leader Jock Kyles, returned, following three years with RCAF Control in the United Kingdom, knocked it out of the lot (a not unusual experience for Jock!)”