Service Men - Fairgrieve - Furnival

176 - X Fairgrieve, W.C. (Bud) – Pilot Officer RCAF
- Vol.19/1943/No.5-May. p.11 – (in a list of Powell River men who have received commissions) - “Pilot Officer.”
- Vol.20/1944/No.3-Mar. p.13 – “And Marjorie McPhalen, now Mrs. Bud Fairgrieves, both serving overseas (has married).”
- Jul/46, p13 - “How well we remember these lads, because they were first in battle and were in our minds and hearts for so long…(including) Bud Fairgrieve…- all youngsters, who were part and parcel of our community and athletic life, were sucked up in the tempest.”
177 - Farnden, A.J. (Art) – LAC RCAF
- Apr/44, p.4 – (in a letter from Frank McBurnie) “Art Farnden…(has) been seen in this vicinity (Boundary Bay).”
178 – Farquharson, Ian – Sargeant RCAF
179 - Fidler, R.G. (George) - Corporal RCAF
- May/43, p.4 – (R-181200) Squadron 2 Wing 2 TTS St. Thomas “Received your second News Letter and believe me I enjoyed it. It is a grand idea. Am now in St. Thomas on the second leg of my Air Frame course. After seeing the east I am more than ever convinced that the guy who said “Go West young man, Go West,” knew his stuff. Would certainly like to hear from any of the boys and meantime best of luck with the News Letter.”
- Dec/44, p.2 – “So too (confirmed corporal) (is) George Fidler, with the RCAF at Pat Bay.”
180 - Fishleigh, J.F. (Johnny) – SPO RCNAD
- Vol.18/1942/No.9-Sep. p.7 – “In the ranks of the bluejackets are scores of former employees, well known throughout the district. There is…such well known lads as Johnny Fishleigh…worthy of the tradition handed down and maintained by the Royal Navy.”
- May/43, p.5 - “We thank the scores of boys who have written us and are only sorry we can’t include all your letters. We hope to get around to most of them some time. Meantime we would like to acknowledge letters from…Johnny Fishleigh…”
- Jan/44, p.4 – (in a letter from Eddie Behan) “…Have seen a few of the Powell River lads around here (including) John Fishleigh…”
- Apr/44, p.2 – “Johnny Fishleigh also is now Leading Stoker.”
- Jan/45, p.1 – “…and so too is Johnny Fishleigh (a SPO) over at HMCS Givenchy, Esquimalt, BC.”
181 - Forbes, Vincent – Flight Lieutenant RCAF
- Vol.17/1941/No.4-Apr. p.16 – “Vince Forbes, former office employee and track star, is being transferred from Vancouver to RCAF headquarters in Ottawa. Vince will shortly be “Corporal Vincent Forbes, RCAF”.”
- May/43, p.3 – 5 Manning Depot, Lachine, Quebec “Thanks for the News Letter which I enjoyed a lot. Have been stationed here for two months, instructing on he officers initial training course. Have seen quite a few of the boys around the country. Bill Emerson is still here, married and settled down. There is also a lad named Jones who married Jean Staniforth – he is a police reporter on the Ottawa Journal. Also saw Jack Carr, but don’t know where he is now. Hank Cramb dropped in for a visit recently. He was taking a disciplinarious course at Trenton. The liquor situation here follows the same general lines as in other parts.”
- Jul/43, p.2 – (in a letter from Norman Hastings) “I saw Vince Forbes at Lachine.”
- Aug/44, p.1 – “Charlie MacIntosh’s team met and (according to Charlie) defeated a squad coached by Vince Forbes recently {FO Forbes, V. (C-12604) RCAF Overseas}”
- Nov/44, p.3 – “Just as we were about to close yp, in comes word that Vince Forbes is now Flight Lieutenant.”
- Dec/44, p.1 – “Alf Tate…has been promoted to Flight Lieutenant, in which lofty atmosphere he will find his old pals, including…Vince Forbes…”
-Vol.21/1945/No.1-Jan. p.11 – “Recently Cpl. Charlie MacIntosh, RCAF, took a softball team to another camp. The opposing team was captained by Flt.-Lieut. Vince Forbes, and Charlie’s comment was: “It didn’t matter much who won. We sure are putting Powell River on the map!”
- May/45, p.3 – (in a letter from K. Gustafson) “Have seen…Vince Forbes…”
182 - Foster, Harold – LAC RCAF Overseas
- Vol.19/1943/No.2-Feb. p.6 – “Harold (Foster) (has) safely arrived in England with recent Air Force drafts.”
- Apr/43, p.3 – (in a letter from Walter Patrick) “Haven’t don [sic] much in the way of soccer or basketball, but now that Harold Foster and George Rennie are here, we might get together.”
- May/43, p.5 – (in a letter from Bob Gornall) “Only last week I met Father Leo Hobson, who is now a padre on this station. He…had met lots of the boys. He mentioned Harold Foster, among others.”
- Jun/45, p.1 – “Harold Foster came home on a “30” and expects to go to the Pacific. He worked a couple of weeks during his furlough just to try it out.”
183 - Foxall, R.A.L. (Lewis) – Sergeant Headquarters Pacific Command
- Aug/44, p.1 – “Lewis Foxall, at M.D. #11, is also a three striper.”
184 - Foyston, F.D. (Frank) – Flight Lieutenant RCAF Overseas
- Vol.17/1941/No.2-Feb. p.13 – “During the last month several well-known local boys have been called to service or notified to report in the near future. These include…Frank Foyston of Kelly Spruce…All are scheduled for the Air Force, which brings Powell River’s contingent in that vital sphere close to 60 members.”
- Vol.17/1941/No.11-Nov. p.6 – “Within the past month, those inseperable pals of the business machine staff, Bruce Patterson [sic] and Harry Cooper, blond Frank Foyston of Kelly Spruce, and Howie Sutton of the machine room, have reported “all present and correct” from the Old Land.”
- Vol.17/1941/No.11-Nov. p.6 – “Frank Foyston was commissioned as Pilot Officer-and so too was Harry Donkersley…”
- Vol.19/1943/No.8-Aug. p.12 – “And from the Middle East comes word that Flying Officer Frank Foyston has been awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for meritorious service. Frank went overseas in 1941, flew over Germany, and was later transferred to the Middle East Command. He has been shot down or crashed at least five times, and has been in upwards of two score operational flights. He joins Flight Lieutenant Harry Donkersley as another Powell River flying ace.”
- Vol.20/1944/No.1-Jan. p.9 – “Two local men have been decorated for gallantry, and several others have been mentioned in despatches. In the former group are Flying Officer Harry Donkersley, DFC and Bar, and Flying Officer Frank Foyston DFC.”
- Dec/44, p.1 - “Alf Tate…has been promoted to Flight Lieutenant, in which lofty atmosphere he will find his old pals, including…Frank Foyston…”
185 - Franklin, Fred - NZFF
186 - Fraser, R.J. (Ron) - AB RCNVR
- Apr/44, p.3 – (in a letter from Doug Ingram) “I am in a nice part of the south coast (of England) and…Ron Fraser…is with me.”
- Jun/44, p.2 – “In the landing craft crews we have…Ronnie Fraser…”
- Sep/44, p.2 – “Ronny Fraser, RCNVR, with the assault force on D Day, is home on a 28-day furlough. Looks fine and taller than ever.”
- Oct/44, p.3 – “… Johnny Bichard…pops up in Powell River about ten days ago. Has a month’s leave. Looks swell and along with brother-in-law Ron Fraser, also home, is doing all right. We took them both out to an E Company stag recently, and the reputation of the Navy was nobly upheld.”
- Vol.20/1944/No.7-Jul. p.10 – “In the landing craft that grated in broad daylight on French soil…probably included…AB Ronnie Fraser…”
- Jan/45, p.3 – “Ronnie “Fearless” Fraser…after crashing ashore with landing craft on Normandy, (is) still out in BC – Ronny at Prince Rupert…Ron has his eye peeled on the Far East.”
- Jan/45, p.5 - (in a letter from Beppie Tomado) “Ron Fraser is at Rupert.”
- May/45, p.2 - “Quite a number of fellows who have returned in recent months are now back on Civvie Street. These include …A/B Ron Fraser…”
- Jul/46, p.7 – (re: D-Day) “Carrying Canadians of the famous Third Division to the beaches (was) Ron Fraser…”
187 - Fraser, S.A. (Sid) – Private Canadian Army Overseas
- Mar/44, p.4 – (in a letter from Maurice Wilshire) “At one place here (Italy - ?) I met Sid Fraser…”
- Oct/44, p.3 – (in a letter from C.O. Robson) “Have young Fraser, S.A., from Cranberry, with me, and I hand (the News Letters) on.”
- Nov/44, p.2 – (K-49177) 16
th Can. Spec. Employment Coy., CAO CMF
- Jan/45, p.4 – “Thanks for the cigarettes and the News Letter…Was in Rome for Christmas, Where I ran into Jack Dykes. Liquor isn’t rationed here. Of course it is the Italian stuff, but who are we to be particular. Some lovely looking women in Rome, but not as good as the ones in Powell River.”
- Jul/46, p10 - (re: Sicily and Italy) “All specialist branches were liberally sprinkled with lads from the paper town (including)…S. A. Fraser, Specialist Company.”
188 - Frederickson, A.A. – Sergeant RCAF Overseas
- May/44, p.2 – “To date…A.A. Frederickson (is an) official prisoner.”
- May/45, p.1 - “Good news about our prisoners of war. The whole shebang have turned up and are in England, in Canada or on their way…A.A. Frederickson…(is) out of the woods and safe.”
189 - X Freeman, H.G. (Harry) – Sergeant RCAF Overseas
- Vol.19/1943/No.3-Mar. p.5 – “Recently, Harry Freeman…paid a visit to Nottingham, famed as a favorite Canadian port of call (seven girls to every male in the district).”
- Apr/43, p.3 – (in a letter from Frank O’Neil) “Harry Freeman and I are holding a reunion here this week. Harry was with Bill Bell before Bill left for the Middle East.”
- Jul/46, p13 - “How well we remember these lads, because they were first in battle and were in our minds and hearts for so long…(including) Harry Freeman, killed on a raid…- all youngsters, who were part and parcel of our community and athletic life, were sucked up in the tempest.”
190 - Frith (??)
- Aug/43, p.2 – (in a letter from Joe Miller) “In our own Veterans Unit, we have…and a chap by the name of Frith who was employed in P.R. around ’31 and ’32.”
191 – Fullerton, Gordie – AC2 RCAF
- Vol.18/1942/No.3-Mar. p.7 – (photo caption) “Cadet NCO’s stand for inspection by their OC. They are Sergt. Gallicano, Corp. David Hughes, Corp. Gordie Fullerton and Corp. Grant Dallas. All boys attended the Powell River High School.”
192 - Furness, J.W. (Jackie) – Stoker RCNVR
- Apr/43, p.4 – (in a letter from Stan Richardson) “…last week a ship pulled in and I went over to see if I knew anyone. Ran square into Jackie Furness…”
- Jan/44, p.4 – (in a letter from Eddie Behan) “…Have seen a few of the Powell River lads around here (including) Jack Furness…”
- May/44, p.3 – “Also (on home leave was) AB Jackie Furness.”
- Jul/46, p.7 - (re: D-Day) “Patrolling in the area too was Canada’s anti-aircraft cruiser, HMCS Robert, with…Jack Furness on the alert for enemy sky raiders.”
193 - Furness, Ron - OS
- Feb/44, p.3 – (in a letter from T.R. Parkin) “…We have a few of the boys around here…Ron Furness…running into port.”
- Apr/44, p.3 – (in a letter from H. Riley) “There are a few other Powell River boys here (London)…(including) Ron Furness…”
- May/44, p.3 – (in a letter from Art Auline) “…Was at a certain barracks a while ago and found Ron Furness behind me in he grub line…later we spent a very enjoyable evening in the wet canteen.”
- Jun/44, p.3 – (in a letter from Jimmy Maple) “Thanks again for the News Letter, which I can assure you is most welcome to us all. I say “us”, meaning in particular, Ronny Furness…and myself, who, at present, are together at Niobe.”
- Aug/44, p.3 – (V-31387) HMCS Tillsonburg, % GPO London “…I’m on a ship now, thank heaven for that…Had a letter from Bill Calder the other day. He just got over a few weeks ago. Doing all right, but looking forward to hitting old Powell River again. Hope the liquor situation will have improved.”
194 - Furnival, W.E. (Evans) – Sergeant RCAF
- Apr/43, p.1 – “LAC Evans Furnival was married in the east last month.”
- Jan/44, p.2 – “Evans Furnival is at Jericho.”
- Vol.20/1944/No.3-Mar. p.13 – “Ivan Furnival did the same thing last year (ie: got married).”