Service Men - Draginouch - Dykes

146 - Draginouch, Sammy - Sergeant
- Apr/45, p.4 - (in a letter from W.T. Gann) “Another Sgt. In this outfit is Sammy Draginouch of Wildwood. He was an old pal of Bob Redhead and the Price boys will remember him. He used to be on our old ball team up there.”
147 - Draper, W.H. (Bill)
- Jan/44, p.3 – “Bill Draper has been transferred to #50 M.T. Area Repair Shop, RCAF Burnaby.”
148 - Drayton, George – Corporal CAC CMF
- May/44, p.2 – “George Drayton early this year celebrated his promotion to Lance Corporal by marrying Miss Doris Hough, at Epsom, Surrey.”
149 - X Drayton, Henry (Hank) – Private Canadian Army Overseas
- May/43, p.5 - “We thank the scores of boys who have written us and are only sorry we can’t include all your letters. We hope to get around to most of them some time. Meantime we would like to acknowledge letters from…Hank Drayton…”
- Vol.19/1943/No.11-Nov. p.11 – (under “We Will Remember Them”)
“Pte. Drayton, H.
Inf. R.U. Sept ’43
England, Mortar Explosion.”
- Jul/46, p13 - “In the fighting in Europe…seven Powell River men gave their lives…A total of 13 Powell River boys were killed while serving with the Army...Hank Drayton (was) killed during training in the United Kingdom.”
150 - Drayton, W. (Bill) – Flight Sergeant RCAF
- Oct/44, p.4 – (in a letter from J. (Slim) McVicker) “One of the Drayton boys (Bill) has been here (Shaughnessy Hospital) for seven months, troubled with his back and legs.”
151 - Drury, R. (Roy) – Private Canadian Army Overseas
- May/44, p.3 – (K-65599) B. Coy., Westminster Regt. CA CMF
- Jul/46, p10 - “From the beaches of Pachino to the Po valley, with interim stops at the Hitler and Gothic lines, at Cassino, at the Morro and a score of other natural obstacles, Powell River was always there…with the Westminsters (was)…Roy Drury.”

152 - Duke, J. – Private Canadian Army Overseas
- Jun/45, p.3 – (K-49316) 4th Btn., Can. Scot. Regt., A Coy., 5 Platoon, COF “…Spending my last few days in Holland before going on to Germany to do occupational duty. This camp is near Arnhem and the whole countryside has been devastated by war. Still a lot of mines around. Haven’t received News Letters lately but hoping my mail will soon catch me up.”
153 - Dunlop, Alex – Sergeant RCAF
- Nov/44, p.1 – “Alec Dunlop, who spent a couple of years in ground crews and later remustered, has graduated as a Sgt. WAG.”
- Nov/44, p.2 – “Sgt. Alec Dunlop is back in town after completing his WAG course. He is placed on Civilian Reserve for six months, which means he will be back in the mill again.”
154 – Dunn, Harry
- Vol.16/1940/No.9-Sep. p.4/5 – “Our next note came from the Navy, from Dan Wallace… He says: “We had a real Powell River gathering in Victoria recently, Harry Dunn, Sandy Allen [sic], Sam Rees, Bill Gandy, Charlie (??) , ‘Scotty’ Abbott and myself, so figure it out for yourself.”
155 – Dunn, Mickey – RCAF
Vol.15/1939/No.9-Sept. p.5 – “The outbreak of war finds several former local boys already serving at home or overseas with the permanent forces of the Empire. In the Royal Air Force in England are Robin V.[sic] Leese…and Mickey Dunn... Both boys have been in the Air Force for the past eighteen months.”
- Vol.16/1940/No.8-Aug. p.4 – “From England comes word that Mickey Dunn…finally emerged safely from the great Dunkirk evacuation. Mickey had been reported missing but turned up slightly wounded. He is now, according to recent word, recovering from minor wounds in an English hospital. Mickey is in the Air Force.”
- Vol.17/1941/No.2-Feb. p.3 – “Other former Powell River boys in action against the Hun are Mickey Dunn, son of the late Maurice Dunn. Mickey is with the Royal Air Force in the Mediterranean…”
- Vol.18/1942/No.12-Dec. p.4 – “Our thoughts go out to Sergt. Mickey Dunn and others who are in the Medditerranean and North Africa and who may have little leisure in which to enjoy the Christmas trimmings we are taking as a matter of course.”
- Jul/46, p.4 – “At this moment (September 3, 1939), Powell River was already well represented in the military force of the Empire…in England with the RCAF (was) Mickey Dunn…who had just left local school to serve (his) country.”
156 - Dunn, Robert (Bob) - Petty Officer
- Vol.18/1942/No.3-Mar. p.2/3 – “Working out of eastern ports, guarding convoys, hunting submarines or sweeping up mines, are lads who were born here, or who spent most of their lives in our midst…(including.)…Bobby Dunn…”
- Vol.18/1942/No.9-Sep. p.7 – “In the ranks of the bluejackets are scores of former employees, well known throughout the district. There is…Seaman Bob Dunn, former boxing star and machine room employee…worthy of the tradition handed down and maintained by the Royal Navy.”
- Vol.19/1943/No.1-Jan. p.9 – “And when we grow a bit too introspective on this fuel shortage or freezing weather give a thought to…Bobby Dunn… and scores of others who keep the U-boats from our shores and protect our men in their journeys across the high seas in all kinds of weather.”
- Apr/43, p.1 – “…and Bob Dunn is a Leading Seaman.”
- Apr/43, p.4 – HMCS Cornwallis, Halifax “I think the News Letter is a darn good idea. I can’t say much about things here but would like to know how Alt. Anderson is making out. Say hello to all the folks for me. I received the Powell River Company’s fags in February. Not doing much boxing these days, as I have been away taking a course which kept me busy.”
- Vol.19/1943/No.5-May. p.10/11 – “Bob Dunn, now a Leading Seaman, wioll pick up his PO rating when he returns to the east.”
- Aug/43, p.1 – “Bob Dunn is also heading for his Petty Officer’s rating.”
- Jan/44, p.2 – “Bobby Dunn is bobbing back and forth across the pond.”
- Feb/44, p.3 – (in a letter from T.R. Parkin) “Bob Dunn and I get together every time he is in port.”
- Sep/44, p.4 – (in a letter from R.J. Killin) “I met Bob Dunn up in Newfie.”
- Mar/45, p.4 – (in a letter from Scotty Abbot) (ed:’s note – “If you run across Bob Dunn, you might drop a depth charge close enough to scare him into writing, Scotty.”)
- May/45, p.3 – (A-3167) P/O R. Dunn, HMCS Niobe c/o FMO 45 Renfield St., Glasgow “…Not much to write about recently. The first day I arrived in Glasgow I heard about Mr. Bird from Duncan who is on his way home…The beer here is the same as ever. NO GOOD! V-E Day was quiet. People were too tired and too happy to do much in the whoopee line. They were thankful it was all over. Niobe threw a big party for everybody. Fine beer. And just in passing, hope to be home by Xmas, but not alone. Have found a girl in St John, NB and think she will like Powell River.”
- Jul/46, p.6 - “Lads like…Bob Dunn…kept Powell River colors at the masthead, as convoy after convoy battled its way to the sorely pressed shores of the United Kingdom.”
157 - Dykes, G.S. – Gunner Canadian Army Overseas
- Feb/45, p.1 – “Latest arrivals include G.S.Dykes, (K-602376), #3 CITR D Coy, CAO
158 - Dykes, Jack – Private Canadian Army Overseas
- Jan/45, p.4 – (in a letter from S.A. Fraser) “…Was in Rome for Christmas where I ran into Jack Dykes.”
- Jul/46, p10 - “From the beaches of Pachino to the Po valley, with interim stops at the Hitler and Gothic lines, at Cassino, at the Morro and a score of other natural obstacles, Powell River was always there…with the Westminsters (was)…Jack Dykes.”
159 - Dykes, Raymond – CSM Canadian Army Overseas
- Feb/44, p.2 – (re: marriages) “And CSM Raymond Dykes is in double harness.”
- Mar/44, p.2 – “Paul Razzo is out of hospital and back again at the job of depleting Scotland’s timber reserves. Paul runs a caterpillar along with his brother George - and Ray Dykes as CSM looks benevolently on – we hope!”
- Vol.20/1944/No.3-Mar. p.13 – (in a list of those who have married) “Have you forgotten…Ray Dykes…?
- Oct/44, p.2 – “Heck, we almost forgot to mention that Sgt. Ray Dykes, (H-62542) 9
th Coy. CFC CAO, proudly announces the birth of a son and heir on October 12th.”
- Mar/45, p.3 – (in a letter from Paul Razzo) “…spent a few days with Ray Dykes. He’s still a Sgt.”