In the early days, Townsite was the main area in Powell River, and it was referred to just as Powell River. When Powell River, Westview, Cranberry and Wildwood villages amalgamated, the original Powell River became known as the Townsite.

To the left are some images from the early days in Powell River, including: old townsite homes, now known as Heritage Homes
Second Avenue, which led right down to the mill - at one time it was the busiest street in Powell River; the old ball diamond, where many a great game was played; the Company Department Store, where most Powell Riverites did their shopping; Dwight Hall, which is still a much-loved venue for concerts and dances today; and the Patricia Theatre (still running!), the oldest continuously running theatre in B.C.
Powell River's Townsite is a fascinating area to explore. Remnants of the past flavour every street. Visit the Townsite Heritage Centre for more information about this special area.
See Powell River Townsite's website