Reunion – 22/5/43

- Vol.19/1943/No.4-Apr. p.13 – “On Saturday, May 22
nd, Powell River will hold the second of its now famous reunions. The place will be the Beaver Club-and the time any time on Saturday. All overseas boys have been contacted by the Company, and the Company and the Canadian Legion will share the expenses of providing meals and refreshments for the boys at the reunion. Pliot Officer Tish Schon will handle overseas arrangements, and plans have ben prepared to hold a special dance in Powell River on the same day.”
- Apr/43, p.6 – “We have just sent out Airmail letters to all the troops overseas about the Powell River reunion in London, on May 22
nd. If this note arrives before the reunion, we hope the boys overseas will do their stuff in the approved Powell River manner. For the benefit of any of our local boys who may still be in Canada, but may be going overseas shortly, keep this date, Saturday, May 22nd. You will be welcome at the Beaver Club, London, on that day.”
- Jul/43, p.1 – “Practically every letter received during the month expresses disappointment over the fact that the boys were unable to attend the Powel River Re-union in London on May 22nd, due to late receipt of invitations.
We regret this as much as you, but if it is any consolation, the re-union was not held owing to the failure of the troops to arrive. We may say that the invitations, which were sent airmail promptly upon receipt of Pilot Officer Shon’s note, were over five weeks in transit. In any case it is possible that another re-union will be held early this Fall and arrangements will be made sufficiently in advance so that everyone will be informed in time and will be able to make necessary arrangements to attend.”