The following print information has been gleaned from two sources: (a) the issues of the Monthly News Letter sent by the Powell River Company to its men and women who left to serve during WW II either in Canada or Overseas in Europe, Africa and Asia, and (b)
from Volumes 15-22 (1939-1946) of
The Digester. The photos are from the Museum’s archives.

For the News Letter, each item has been identified with the month, year and page number of the issue in which it appeared. [Unfortunately there are six missing issues: Mar/Jun/Sep/Oct/Nov/Dec from 1943, and, if produced, any issue after Jun/45 until the final issue of Jul/46.]

For The Digester, the entries are indicated by Volume/Year/Number-Month and page.
The Digester is invaluable for pre-1943 data. Note the “Honor Roll” (of) Powell River and District Citizens Serving in the Armed Forces at - Vol.18/1942/No.9-Sep. pp. 2-3
and 16.

The News Letters served two purposes, as the Editor in the first issue explained.

“The officials of the Company thought you might be interested in hearing news of your riends and chums in the Service: and accordingly Our News Letter will be partly composed of extracts from letters received from Powell River boys in all branches of the Armed Services and partly of quick flashes from the Home Front.” (Feb/43, p.1)

News from and about Service
women was added as well, from May/43 on, as it became increasingly clear that Powell River’s women were not content to stay home.

The biggest problem in compiling a database like this is the probability that some typing errors may creep into the pages as the data is transferred. However, original spelling errors have been left uncorrected, followed by a “[sic]” marking.
This researcher’s mistakes will hopefully be caught in subsequent proof-readings.