D-Day Normandy Landing

- Vol.20/1944/No.6-Jun. p.16 – “On Tuesday, June 6, 1944, Allied armies, under the immediate command of Sir Bernard Montgomery, “Monty of El Alamein”, landed on the beaches of Normandy. D-Day had arrived and the power and might of Anglo-Saxon armies were unleashed in the greatest amphibious operation the world has ever seen. Now, after a week of warfare, our beach-heads have been consolidated, and operations directed towards the capture of first major objectives, the ports of Cherbourg and Le Havre, are under way. In this titanic struggle, the youth of our own district are playing their part. Powell River boys crashed ashore with the first landing craft infantry. Powell River boys were serving on the corvettes Calgary, Alberni and Milltown, and in the minesweeper Minas. They helped man and officer the Prince Henry and Prince David, from which the assault boats were launched. They were in the forefront of the landing forces that lunged through to Caen in the most decisive penetration of the opening attack. They were among the birdmen who covered our landings and struck at enemy concentrations behind the lines. Powell River has a big stake in this struggle. In the days ahead we must face good and bad newes. These youngsters of ours, are in the thick of one of the great, decisive battles of history. Remember this in the coming months, and may we be worthy of the sacrifies these lads are making for us on the battlefields of France and Italy.”