Service Women - Scott - Sutton

42 - Scott, Beverly – Corporal RCAF (WD)
- May/43, p.2 - “As promised in our last issue, here is the list of Powell River girls now serving in the forces…(including)…Beverly Scott – RCAF.”
- Sep/44, p.2 – “Among our girls, the latest gazette notice tells us Beverly Scott, RCAF (WD) is now a Corporal and doing a generally swell job at her station (#7 B & G School, Paulson, Man.).”
43 - Scott, Grace – Leading Wren WRCNS
- May/44, p.4 – (W-3080) #1 Station HMCS Bytown % FMO Ottawa Ont. “Received the News letter today and believe me I enjoyed it. Have been residing at Rideau Military Hospital this past two weeks with a little throat trouble. My big brother Frank is still in Italy and has a little to say about the liquid refreshment over there. He is in the best of health. Say hello to Doug Taylor and tell him to save me one of his delicious milk shakes. I’ll be home to collect it for Christmas.”
- Nov/44, p.1 – Moresby House HMCS Givenchy FMO Esquimalt BC “Grace Scott jumps into the money as a Leading Wren.”
- Jul/46, p16 - “Recruiting for the “Wrens” was spasmodic. It never reached the proportions demanded by the air or military forces. Only two local girls were in the feminine tars’ sections of the forces. These were Frances Hughes and Grace Scott. Both girls saw over two years of service. Frances was attached to HMCS Stadacona at Halifax, after training at Galt; Grace commuted between east and west and was first attached to HMCS Bytown at Ottawa; and later transferred to HMCS Givenchy, at Esquimalt.”
44 - Simmonds, Phyllis – Sergeant CWAC Overseas
- Mar/44, p.1 – “Phyllis Simmonds goes into first place among the girls. She now sports the three stripes of a full fledged Sergeant, CWAC Overseas. And we expect all you lugs to say “Yes, Sergeant”, when you next see Phyllis.”
- Jul/46, p16 - “Eighteen local girls joined the CWAC, four of whom served overseas. Doris Bailey was our first enlistment in this corps and the first of her group to proceed overseas, in December, 1943. Doris served in the United Kingdom and went to the continent after D Day. At the time of writing she is back in Powell River. Other local CWAC’s in the overseas army included Mary Loukes, Mrs. Gladice MacIntyre and Phyllis Simmonds.”
45 - Sivertson, Ann CWAC
- May/43, p.2 - “As promised in our last issue, here is the list of Powell River girls now serving in the forces…(including)…Ann Sivertson – CWAC.”
46 – Smythe, Mary RCAF (WD)
47 - Stade, Zella – Sergeant RCAF
- Vol.19/1943/No.3-Mar. p.5 – “At the time of writing, the following Powell River girls are in uniform: RCAF (WD) (including)…Zella Stade…”
- May/43, p.2 - “As promised in our last issue, here is the list of Powell River girls now serving in the forces…(including)…Zella Stade – RCAF.”
- Feb/44, p.4 – (in a letter from A.L. Rorke) “…Out with Zella Stade the other night. My gosh, what a relief to go out with a Canadian girl again. They don’t ask you to marry them the second time out.”
- Feb/44, p.5 – “The first pictures of the Beaver Club Reunion have just come in…rather taken with the one of Corp. Zella Stade gazing soulfully into Albert Mitchell’s large brown eyes. (what ho! Lieut. Rorke!)”
- Mar/44, p.5 - (re: Reunion) “There were many sighs of envy as Doris Humphrey and Zella Stade, appeared and reappeared surrounded by hopeful swains.”
- May/44, p.1 – “It’s three stripes for Zella Stade and a seat in the Sergeants’ Mess.”
- May/44, p.4 – (in a letter from G. Gibson) “…Zella Stade is at this station and she has received her third hook…”
- Nov/44, p.2 – “A few weeks earlier (to FO Martin Naylor’s marriage to Miss Sandra Cadman), Sgt. Zella Stade married an RAF officer in England, which sort of squares things up, but which will be received with groans from most of the gang who know Zella.”
- Jun/45, p.3 – (in a letter from Jean Banham) “…Sgt. Zella Stade was in to pick up her discharge…”
- Jul/46, p16 - “The Air Force attracted the larger proportion of Powell River girls. Twenty-three of them served their country in the air branch, and a considerable number proceeded overseas. Sgt. Jean Banham…Doris Humphrey, Elsie Foster, Hazel [sic] Clapp, Marjorie Fairgrieve and Zella Stade were all in he overseas group.”
48 – Staniforth, Hilda RCAF (WD)
49 – Sutton, Bea RCN