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528 - Robbins, V.L. – Lieutenant
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529 - Roberts, Allan – Leading Cook RCNVR
- Vol.18/1942/No.2-Feb. p.9 – “And Papa Lloyd Roberts is justly proud of the two scions of the House of Roberts, Frank with the Air Force, and Allan with the Navy…”
- Vol.18/1942/No.9-Sep. p.7 – “In the ranks of the bluejackets are scores of former employees, well known throughout the district. There is…the two Roberts boys…worthy of the tradition handed down and maintained by the Royal Navy.”
- Jul/44, p.2 – “And special congratulations to Allan Roberts, first for his fine achievement in winning the BEM for stout work in a collision off Halifax – and second for his promotion to Leading Cook. (Congratulations, Allan!)”
- Vol.20/1944/No.8-Aug. p.11 – “Another Powell River lad has been decorated for conspicuous conduct in service. In the last King’s Birthday Awards, Leading Cook Allan Roberts, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Roberts, Westview, received the British Empire Medal. The award was conferred on Allan for “conspicuous coolness and bravery” when his ship collided with a freighter in the North Atlantic last January. The freighter’s nose crashed through the sides of the smaller naval vessel within a few feet of Allan’s bunk. He was trapped with two other ratings, and his coolness, quick thinking and steadiness in the midst of general confusion was credited with saving and rescuing both his comrades. Leading Cook Roberts has served for three years with the RCNVR on both the Pacific and the Attlantic. His older brother Frank is overseas with the RCAF.”
- Jan/45, p.4 - “Met Allan Roberts…in Newfie last trip, and Allan and I had a few together in the local pubs.”
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530 - Roberts, Frank – LAC RCAF Overseas
- Vol.18/1942/No.2-Feb. p.9 – “And Papa Lloyd Roberts is justly proud of the two scions of the House of Roberts, Frank with the Air Force, and Allan with the Navy…”
- Vol.19/1943/No.3-Mar. p.5 – “And Pilot Officer Lionel Rorke states Frank Roberts and Jack Young are located in his squadron and that Flight Lieutenant Jock Kyles is not far away.”
- Apr/43, p.2 – (in a letter from Lionel Rorke) “Frank Roberts is a cook in the airmen’s mess in this squadron.”
- Vol.20/1944/No.8-Aug. p.11 – “…Leading Cook Roberts has served for three years with the RCNVR on both the Pacific and the Attlantic. His older brother Frank is overseas with the RCAF.”
531 - Roberts, Owen – Private Canadian Army Overseas
- Aug/43, p.4 – (K-65916) 6th Can General Pioneer Corps CAO “Received two cartons of cigarettes a few days ago which were very welcome and at the time the ever welcome copy of the News Letter. I am at present stationed in the Pioneer Corps and enjoy the work.”
- Jun/45, p.4 – 25 CSE Coy CAO “…See that quite a few of the lads are back home. Am still enjoying myself in the Reichwald Forest, but this non-fraterization is poor stuff. Have been to Brussels and intend to go to Amsterdam next. Here’s hoping we all get together soon for the Big Reunion.”
532 - Robertson, Ian
- Aug/43, p.2 – (in a letter from Joe Miller) “In our own Veterans’ Unit, we have…Ian Robertson (Finishing Room)…”
533 - Robinson, Bob
- Apr/44, p.5 - “Jack Lee and Bob Robinson are guarding Heinie prisoners with Joe (Miller) – and no escapes from that camp.”
- Dec/44, p.5 - (in a letter from J.A. Miller) “Here we are back at Medicine Hat, and …Bob Robertson…(is) still here, attached to headquarters.”
534 - Robson, C.O. (Charles) – CQMS Canadian Army Overseas
Pasted Graphic- Vol.18/1942/No.6-Jun. p.12 – “Charlie Robson, who saw action in the last war, tells us the toughest bayonet training of that era was child’s play to what the lads are going through today. “Hell,” Charlie snorted, “they even fire live ammunition at you, explode real bombs on your tail, fire at you with planes-and then tell you to whistle “Tipperary,” “It’s a Lovely War!”
- Aug/43, p.3 - (K-31577) 4th Field Park Squadron RCE CA CMF “Just a line to thank the P.R. Company for the smokes which I received today, after they had travelled over most of England. They were addressed wrong but I think the mistake was made at BC House. Also received the News Letter, which comes regularly, and I sure enjoy it. We have six pubs in our village. The beer rations come in on Friday and are dry by Tuesday. So we have a few dry days each week.”
- Feb/44, p.1 – “And here’s one we have been looking forward to for a long time. Our old back-fence jumping partner Charlie Robson is now a full fledged sergeant.”
- Feb/44, p.3 – “Thanks a lot for the cigarettes and News Letters…Spent Xmas Day on the Sangro. Had a fairly good day of it. Chicken for dinner and quite a lot of the trimmings…These “V” cigarettes are worse than the old Ruby Queens…the vino is bon and quite plenty full [sic]…Cpl. Bill Moore, Cpl. Jack Challis and Brian Denton are still with us. Thanks again for the smokes and say hello, through the News Letter, to all the gang, at home and overseas.”
- Mar/44, p.2 - “Bryan Denton is still in the Mediterranean and tells us he keeps in close contact with…Charlie Robson…”
- Mar/44, p.5 - (in a letter from J.B. Denton) “I’m still in close contact with…Charlie Robson…”
- Jul/44, p.4 - (in a letter from Bill Crockett) “Dick Jacob and I had a good snort of decent French wine last night (ed: Wonder how it stacks up against that stuff that Red Heaton and Charlie Robson are quaffing down in Italy, Bill)”
- Oct/44, p.2 – “And a special elbow bend to that old stager Charlie Robson, who has chased the Hun all the way from Sicily to Rimini. Charles, my boys, has been elevated to the dignified and lucrative post of CQMS.”
- Oct/44, p.3 – 16
th Can Spec Emp Coy CAO CMF “Well, it’s been a long time between letters, but the News Letters have been coming along regularly, and I get a real kick out of reading them. Have young Fraser, S.A., from Cranberry, with me, and I hand them on…This has developed into one h-ll of a war. Vino is as scarce as good Huns in Powell River. Haven’t had any for ten days…The rains have hit here…What’s the matter with P.R.? A milk and bun wagon in the plant! Never thought things would come to that.”
-Vol.21/1945/No.1-Jan. p.11 – “I passed Frank Scott on the road to Rimini,” said Charlie Robson, “but only had time to wave. But it was another memory of Powell River.”
- Apr/45, p.2 – “Charlie Robson told us a story about a POW recently, for transmission to John McIntyre.”
- Jul/46, p10 - “All specialist branches were liberally sprinkled with lads from the paper town…(including)…CQMS Charlie Robson, Specialist Employment Company.”
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535 – Robson, Joe - Canadian Army Overseas
536 - Rochat, Charles (Charlie) – Private – Dental Corps
- Jul/43, p.5 – “Charlie Rochat is in the Active Forces and for the moment is stationed at Little Mountain.”
- Vol.19/1943/No.7-Jul. p.11 – “Among recent enlistments (was) Charlie Rochet…in the Army.”
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537 – Rolandi, Ray
538 - X Rorke, Lionel – Lieutenant USAAF
- Vol.17/1941/No.2-Feb. p.13 – “During the last month several well-known local boys have been called to service or notified to report in the near future. These include…Lionel Rorke of the Townsite department…All are scheduled for the Air Force, which brings Powell River’s contingent in that vital sphere close to 60 members.”
- Vol.19/1943/No.3-Mar. p.5 – “And Pilot Officer Lionel Rorke states Frank Roberts and Jack Young are located in his squadron and that Flight Lieutenant Jock Kyles is not far away.”
- Vol.19/1943/No.5-May. p.11 – (in a list of Powell River men who have received commissions) - “Flying Officer.”
- Apr/43, p.2 – “Thanks a million for the 1,000 cigarettes which arrived safe and sound. We sure appreciate these over here. Being fully operational I get my share of whacks at Gerry. Boy! He really throws it back at you as well. Frank Roberts is a cook in the airmen’s mess in this squadron. Jack Young is also a corporal in the mess. Jock Kyles isn’t far away. He is in Group Headquarters this squadron.”
- May/43, p.2 – “Lionel Rorke is a Flying Officer overseas.”
- Vol.19/1943/No.8-Aug. p.12 – “…local lads are riding the skies over Germany every night…Lionel Rorke…and a score of other boys from the district have been in the thick of these tremendous events that are weakening enemy production and morale.”
- Feb/44, p.4 – (O-886242) HQ 8
th AF APO 663 (DS) c/o Postmaster NY “Many thanks for the 1000 cigs received from the Powell River Co…You can be sure they were greatly appreciated by myself and my friends as well. Martin Naylor and I met in Edinburgh. Out with Zella Stade the other night. My gosh, what a relief to go out with a Canadian girl again. They don’t ask you to marry them the second time out. Transferred to the USAAF about six weeks ago. Just for a change. Still carry on with the RCAF until my tour is done. Came back the other night looking like a sieve.”
- Feb/44, p.5 - (re: Reunion) “Liked the group (photo) with Bat MacIntyre, Walt Vandervoort, Lionel Rorke, Martin Naylor, Roy Lund, Gene Messmer, all in dignified relaxation.”
- Jul/46, p13 - “How well we remember these lads, because they were first in battle and were in our minds and hearts for so long…(including) Lionel Rorke…- all youngsters, who were part and parcel of our community and athletic life, were sucked up in the tempest.”
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539 - Rose, Andrew (Andy) – Flight Lieutenant RCAF Overseas
- Vol.16/1940/No.11-Nov. p.15 – “Latest departure eastward is Andrew Rose of the Company Store Staff, who left the middle of november to join the RCAF at Brandon, Manitoba.”
- Vol.18/1942/No.10-Oct. p.8 – “Andy Rose, of the department store, was promoted to Pilot Officer…”
- Feb/43, p.3 - ”Andy Rose has been promoted to Pilot Officer.”
- Feb/44, p.2 – “Flying Officer Andy Rose is back in Powell River on a month’s furlough. Looks trim and snappy. Finds the grub good, the girls not
too good, and the beer definitely poor. Gave us some interesting sidelights on the overseas angle.”
- Sep/44, p.2 – “Andy Rose, who has been doing a swell job in there, is now a Flight Lieutenant.”
- Dec/44, p.1 - “Alf Tate has been promoted to Flight Lieutenant, in which lofty atmosphere he will find many old pals, including Andy Rose…”
- May/45, p.2 – “…and we expect Flight Lieutenant Andy Rose will arrive in Canada sometime in June.”
540 - Ross, Arthur, Jr. – Sergeant RCAF Overseas
- Vol.20/1944/No.3-Mar. p.13 – “and then along comes young Art Ross, whom we last remember working on the High School Annual (and gets married).”
- Sep/44, p.2 – “Arthur Ross, Jr. has just graduated as Sergeant Navigator, and is awaiting Overseas posting.”
- Jan/45, p.2 - “…Sergeant Art Ross, RCAF, (is) being discharged and transferred to Civilian Reserve.”
- Mar/45, p.5 – “And a word that Art Ross, Jr. has just arrived overseas. Art was discharged to Civilian Reserve, called up again, and is now in the UK expecting to head eastward.”
- Apr/45, p.1 – “And Art Ross, Jr., after being discharged and called up again, is now in England, c/o RCAF Overseas.”
- Jun/45, p.2 - “Sgt. Art Ross…(is) reported back home and…will likely head for the Pacific.”
- Jun/45, p.4 – (in a letter from Bill Marcoux) “Would you as a favor drop me Art Ross’s address. (Can’t do it for the moment, Bill. He is back in Canada but hasn’t arrived in P.R. Is going to Pacific. Suggest you write him c/o his mother, Mrs. Art Ross, here.)”
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541 – Ross, Benny – LAC RCAF
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542 – Ross, Delbert - Canadian Army Overseas
543 - Rowe, H.F. (Howard) – Gunner Canadian Army Overseas
Vol.16/1940/No.7-Jul. p.3 – “A note from Howard Rowe, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Rowe, has some interesting observations on his English experiences. Howard is serving “somewhere in England” with the Canadian artillery. Howard says to tell his friends he has been “all around the Tower of London, but hasn’t been in yet.” As a Canadian-born youngster, Howard finds the charm of England irresistible. He says: “Remember when I was in Canada, I never wanted to see England? I wanted to stay in Canada. I loved its natural beauty, islands and mountains. Well, I’m glad I came over here and will always have the happiest memories of England. I love their old customs, their grand old buildings; and the people are so friendly. They’re topping!” And Howard closes as all the boys who are close to realities close: “We will win through.”
- Vol.17/1941/No.2-Feb. p.3 – “In the Artillery is Howard Rowe, son of Mr. C.S. Rowe of the beater room, who went overseas with one of the first units.”
- Vol.18/1942/No.9-Sep. p.5 – “Thanks for getting us to know about the (1942) reunion,” says Gunner Howard Rowe. “It was the first time since my arrival in England in 1939 that I have met any of the old gang. It was the best thing that has happened to me over here.”
- Vol.19/1943/No.10-Oct. p.10 – “Gunner Howard Rowe landed with the first wave (in Sicily) and described his particular beach as “a soft touch”. Howard was sent to hospital with a touch of malaria encountered later in the campaign.”
- Vol.19/1943/No.11-Nov. p.10 – “And from Sicily comes word that Gnr. Howard Rowe has had a brief bout with malaria and was confined to hospital for several weeks. Howard is probably back with his unit now.”
- Vol.20/1944/No.2-Feb. p.12 – “The Divisional troops, Artillery, Service Corps, Tank Brigade, etc., have Gnr. Howard Rowe…”
- Vol.20/1944/No.2-Feb. p.13 – “Our Central Mediterranean casualties to date include the following:
Hospital (Sickness or Accident)-Gnr. Howard Rowe, malaria.”
- Vol.20/1944/No.3-Mar. p.13 – (in a list of those who have married) “Have you forgotten…Howard Rowe…?
- Jul/44, p.3 - “Harold Rowe is back with his unit after spending seven days at a Salerno rest camp. Was walking through the ruins of ancient Pompey and ran across Brian Denton. They hoisted a few on he old home town.”
- Aug/44, p.4 – (in a letter from B. Denton) “Also ran into Howard Rowe.”
- Dec/44, p.4 – (K-21148) 3
rd Field Regt RCA CAO CMF “Many thanks for the 300 cigarettes I received last night. At present I am in one of our hospitals waiting for my leg to mend. I had it broken about ten miles north of Rimini when I got into an argument with one of Jerry’s 105s. I lost out!”
- Feb/45, p.2 – “Howard Rowe is due back any time, after severe leg wound received in Italy last October. Will have to spend some time in Shaughnessy before receiving a discharge.”
- Mar/45, p.2 – “Howard Rowe is back home. Still on crutches, but looking remarkably well in spite of a nasty big wound. Howard went to Vancouver last week to meet his bride, just over from Ireland.”
- Mar/45, p.4 – (in a letter from Pat Miller) “Have been trying to locate Howard Rowe but see that he is in hospital.”
- May/45, p.2 – “Howard Rowe has been discharged and his leg is coming along nicely.”
- May/45, p.2 - “Quite a number of fellows who have returned in recent months are now back on Civvie Street. These include…Gnr. Howard Rowe…”
- Jul/46, p10 - “To the best of our knowledge, (one of) the first Powell Riverites to touch down on Sicilian beaches on this first Canadians “D” Day (was)…Gunner Howard Rowe who was splashed ashore with a First Division artillery unit.”
- Jul/46, p10 - “All specialist branches were liberally sprinkled with lads from the paper town…(including)…Gunner Howard Rowe, RCASC.”
544 - Royce, H. (Harry) – Private CMF Overseas
- Vol.18/1942/No.9-Sep. p.8 – “The Fifth (Armoured) Division finds Powell River equally well represented. In the smart New Westminster Regiment are a group of well known athletes and citizens. They include Harry Royce…”
- Jan/44, p.2 - “…in the Central Mediterranean is…Harry Royce...”
- Jul/46, p10 - “From the beaches of Pachino to the Po valley, with interim stops at the Hitler and Gothic lines, at Cassino, at the Morro and a score of other natural obstacles, Powell River was always there…with the Westminsters (was)…Harry Royce.”
545 - Russell, H.R. (Howie) – Lance Sergeant Canadian Army Overseas
- Vol.18/1942/No.9-Sep. p.8 – “In the Fourth Division, our boys comprise the better part of a platoon in the First Battalion DCOR’s who have recently arrived overseas as an armoured unit. The list includes Howie Russell…”
- Vol.20/1944/No.2-Feb. p.12 – “In the Westminster Regiment (M) now in Italy (is) Harry Royce…”
- Apr/44, p.2 – “Howie Russell is a Lance Sergeant.”
- Vol.20/1944/No.9-Sep. p.9 – “In the 28
th Armored Regiment of the 4th Division (is)…Howie Russell…”
- Nov/44, p.4 - (in a letter from Ken Matheson) “Had a visit from the press photographers last week, and if the cameras stand up to it, you may see us in one of the papers. Powell River was well represented; Howie Russell, Jimmy Stapleton, Perry Monsell, Major Barlow and myself.”
- Jan/45, p.4 – (in a letter from Dick Allman) “and so help me, (I) have been chasing the B.C.R’s all over the country trying to see them and Howie Russell.
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546 - Russell, Ron(ald) – Staff Sergrant – CACTE
- Jul/44, p.1 – (K-66722) NCO School T&S Wing A-33 CACTE Camp Borden Ont. “Ron Russell has hoisted two hooks.”
- Dec/44, p.3 – (in a letter from Elsie Foster) “Have seen Ron Russell a few times…”