Service Men - Eckman - Extrand

160 - X Eckman, Gus – Private Canadian Army Overseas
- Apr/43, p.5 – “Recent enlistments around town include Gus Eckman…”
- Jul/46, p11 – (re: D-Day) “Hitting the beaches in that first unstoppable assault with the Scottish (was) Gus Eckman…” “It was here on the beaches that…Gus Eckman died. ”
- Jul/46, p11 - “It was here on the beaches that…Gus Eckman died. ”
- Jul/46, p13 - “In the fighting in Europe…seven Powell River men gave their lives…Gus Eckman… died in (his) country’s service.”
161 - Edwards, W. A. (Bill) – Sub Lieutenant RCN – RINUR
Vol.15/1939/No.9-Sept. p.5 – “With the crack Life Guards is Bill Edwards, well-known local youngster, now on duty at Windsor Castle.”
Vol.16/1940/No.8-Aug. p.4 – “Many local lads, including Bill Edwards…are in the heart of the battle area in England.”
- Vol.17/1941/No.2-Feb. p.3 – “Bill Edwards is still on duty somewhere in England with the Lite Guards, and is now in line for a commission.”
- Sep/44, p.3 – “And after a lot of prowling we have finally caught up on Bill Edwards. Bill, a Lieutenant in the RINUR is located somewhere in the Indian Ocean. You can catch him by writing Lieut. W.A. Edwards, RINUR % Lloyds Bank Limited, Bombay, India.”
- Sep/44, p.4 – “Thanks for the News Letter, which brings welcome news of the old home town. Can’t say all the copies arrive, but a fair percentage does and then not only myself but the rest of the flotilla have a read of the local news. Canada had done well in the war, and there is a widespread interest in her from abroad. A great number of commodities which arrive here are from Canada, among them beer and whiskey. We have made up two pretty fair rugby teams and made quite a name in the Bombay League. As play is only possible during the Monsoon, that will be over in another month when the rains finish. Am really excited over the prospect of a couple of months home leave and with any sort of luck it will be Christmas at home. So I look forward to seeing possibly a bit of Powell River.”
- Mar/45, p.2 – “Letter from Bill Edwards recently and he is still playing around with the amphibious forces in the Bay of Bengal.”
- Jun/45, p.3 – 520 Cook Street, Victoria, BC “Well, after all this time I am back on the Pacific coast for a period of two months’ leave. At present I am staying here in Victoria with my mother, but hope to make a trip to Powell River.”
- Jul/46, p.4 - “At this moment (September 3, 1939), Powell River was already well represented in the military force of the Empire…with the crack Household cavalry was Bill Edwards, who later transferred to the Royal Indian Navy.”
- Jul/46, p.8 – “In the summer of 1944, Lord Mountbatten’s amphibious forces commenced a series of landing operations along the Burma coast, in support of the 14
th Army moving down the Irrawady to Mandalay and Rangoon. In charge of a landing craft of the Royal Indian Navy was Lieut. Bill Edwards, once a Household cavalry man, later a lieutenant in the Lancashire Regt., and finally transferred, at his own request, to the Indian Navy. Bill had been in the Battle of Britain, with a Punjab Regiment in India, and, fed up on “inaction” asked and received a commission in the navy.”
162 – Egan, J.F. (Jack) – Corporal COCTC
- Vol.18/1942/No.7-Jul. p.13 – “Summer and embarkation leaves are bringing manyy of the boys back home for brief and well earned holidays…Jack Egan (is) among the lads who have been with us in recent weeks.”
163 - Elly, J. (Johnnie) – Writer RCNVR
- Apr/44, p.3 – (in a letter from H.Riley) “There are a few other Powell River Boys here (London)…(including) Johnnie Elly…”
- Jun/44, p.3 – (in a letter from Jimmy Maple) “Thanks again for the News Letter, which I can assure you is most welcome to us all. I say “us”, meaning in particular, Johnny Elly…and myself, who, at present, are together at Niobe.”
164 - Elly, Steve –
- Sep/44, p.4 - (in a letter from E. Silvester) “My first week over here I met…Steve Elly.”
165 - Elly, Walter – SBA RC NH
- Apr/43, p.5 - “Recent enlistments around town include…Walter Elly…”
- May/44, p.2 – “Believe we forgot to tell you Walter Elly was married quite a while ago.”
166 - Emerson, W.H. (Bill) – Sergeant RCAF
- May/43, p.3 – (in a letter from Vince Forbes) “Bill Emerson is still here (Lachine, Quebec), married and settled down.”
- Jul/43, p.2/3 – (R-128709) RCAF Headquarters, Jackson Bldg., Ottawa, Ont.
167 - Eno, Floyd – LAC RCAF
- Jul/43, p.2 – (in a letter from Norman Hastings) “…and Floyd Eno is up at #1 Wireless and expects to graduate around the middle of August.”
- Jan/44, p.3 – “…and Floyd Eno is at Sea Island.”
168 - Erikson, E.J. (Edward) – Private Canadian Army Overseas
- Apr/45, p.2 – “Another recent arrival overseas is Ed Erikson (K-4892) R & D CITR #3 CAO
169 - Ethofer, Anthony (Tony) – Private Canadian Army Overseas
- Apr/44, p.3 – “Tony Ethofer is back in the mill on his old job…”
- Jul/44, p.3 – “Think we told you Tony Ethofer is working in the Finishing Room again, following his discharge.”
170 - X Ethofer, George – Private Canadian Army Overseas
- Jul/46, p13 - “In the fighting in Europe…seven Powell River men gave their lives…A total of 13 Powell River boys were killed while serving with the Army...George Ethofer (was) killed during training in the United Kingdom.”
171 - Evans, Eric - Sergeant RCAF Overseas
- Vol.17/1941/No.3-Mar. p.10 – “Another former employee, Eric Evans, well-known all-round athlete, also wears corporal’s stripes in the Air Force.”
- Apr/43, p.1 – “We would like to assure Sgt. Eric Evans that his cigarettes were sent and that we are now trying to trace them.”
- Nov/44, p.3 – (in a letter from “Spud” Raimondo} “Have run across…Eric Evans…”
- Jun/45, p.1 - “Other fellows definitely signed up for the Pacific include… Eric Evans.”
172 - Evans, R.B. (Russell) – Private Canadian Army Overseas
- Jan/45, p.2 – (K-6150) CAO
- Feb/45, p.1 - #11 Cdn. Inf. Trg. Bn., #6 CITR, CAO
173 - Ewing, George, Jr. – AB RCNVR
Vol.17/1941/No.12-Dec. p.7 – “With the 1st Canadian Scottish Regiment overseas is George Ewing of the Beater Room staff-and at sea with the Royal Canadian Navy is son George-both in the front line.”
- Vol.18/1942/No.9-Sep. p.8 – “Twenty-two Powell River representatives are numbered in the ranks of the First Canadian Battalion, Canadian Scottish, Third Division. They include such stalwarts as Pte. George Ewing…”
- Vol.18/1942/No.10-Oct. p.8 – “…and George Ewing has two stripes.”
- Apr/43, p.4 - (in letter from Stan Richardson) – “Lately I’ve met quite a few of the boys including…George Ewing, Jr…”
- Vol.19/1943/No.5-May. p.11 – “Dave Rennie and George Ewing are both corporals.”
- Dec/44, p.3 – “…George Ewing, who was on the “Nabob” in her last sortie against the Norwegian coast, (is) in Halifax…George can be reached at HMCS Peregrine, FMO Halifax (A/B Ewing, G., V-36055).”
- Feb/45, p.4 – HMCS Shelburne, FMO Shelburne, NS “Thanks for the fags and the swell Christmas News Letter sent out by the Company. Right now I am stationed ashore in this thriving village of Shelburne, where you grow old from boredom. It will be swell to get back to Canada again…My uncle, John Bichard, was here, but he was drafted off his ship.”
- Mar/45, p.2 – “George Ewing, on the Uganda, is out in that area too (Bay of Bengal).”
- Jun/45, p.1 - “Other fellows definitely signed up for the Pacific include…George Ewing, Jr.”
- Jul/46, p.7 – “…George Ewing, Jr. was on the Nabob and narrowly escaped disaster when (the) ship was almost sunk by a concentrated attack from German dive bomber – an attack which wrote finis to the high seas activity of Canada’s first Nabob.”
- Jul/46, p.8 – “Replacing the Uganda in eastern waters was Canada’s latest and finest cruiser, HMS Ontario. She arrived with…George Ewing in time to take part in the official surrender of Hong Kong.”
174 - Ewing, George - Corporal Canadian Scottish Overseas
- Vol.17/1941/No.6-Jun. p.9 – “George Ewing, who went to Debert with the First Canadian Scottish, has been in Powell River on sick leave for several weeks. George came west for an operation, and is still recuperating.”
- Vol.17/1941/No.12-Dec. p.7 – “With the 1st Canadian Scottish Regiment overseas is George Ewing of the Beater Room staff-and at sea with the Royal Canadian Navy is son George-both in the front line.”
- Vol.18/1942/No.4-Apr. p.10 – George Ewing, also of the Scottish, and a former beater- room pal of Joe’s [Graham}, tells of spending a week-end in Brighton to see his battalion win the Divisional Soccer Championship.”
- Feb/43, p.3 – “I am in good health and keeping busy being in the Pioneer Platoon. We have to go out frequently to fix damage that our carriers have done. They knock over fences and cables and this means a big expense bill if you don’t do the repair work. We are stationed in a nice part of the country. Quite a change from Aldershot. It’s a bit difficult keeping the huts warm – but better than tents. The food is good. Had a trip to Brighton recently, and also took in the Corps Boxing Championships.”
- Apr/44, p.2 – “Latest (to be discharged) is George Ewing, who was discharged from Little Mountain on April 12. George is living in Vancouver and will not be back in Powell River for health reasons. He is doing fine and sends his best to all the gang overseas.”
- Jul/44, p.3 – “…George Ewing, discharged, (has been back in civies for many months. George has moved permanently to Vancouver.”
175 - Extrand, Nels – LAC
- Vol.18/1942/No.1-Jan. p.2 – (picture)